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for A Cinnabar Nudist's Story

12/6/2019 c7 Guest
Can you make an au were ash is a nudist and converts others on his journey.
10/18/2019 c1 TheAllSeeingEye4812
this gonna get continued? hope it dose
8/14/2019 c7 Guest
Will you have Adam become a nudist.
7/26/2019 c7 23Bayleef Stardust
Well, I already gave you some compliments on DeviantArt, so I'll quickly post those again here for other readers to see:

- I love how you wrote Valentina without sexualizing her. The nudity just feels natural. Most male writers are creeps who sexualize female characters, even if they are completely covered up.

- Adam x Valentina is such a cute shipping... 3

- I love how natural Valentina acts about her nudity, and how she keeps doing it, despite others not necessarily liking it.

- Rosa-May really, really, really creeps me out, her hitting on young teenagers... And that Poke Ball act... Really, I can't stand her. If I were Valentina, I'd pay Officer Jenny a visit and tell her about this...
8/17/2018 c7 JL82
So... you was able to succeed in 1 gym and about to go for 2!

Valentina: Yes, I'm 1 step closer to reaching my dream

And... do you think they'll interview you naked?

Valentina: Yes but I know how TV works, I understand they use censors to cover it and I understand since it'll be viewed around the world

Thats true, would'nt want the millions of viewers thinking about your body even though you're a nudist and you live by your standards

Valentina: But either way, I'll do what it takes to be the very best

Thats the spirit
8/15/2018 c7 18lightyearpig
Hope there's more soon!
5/12/2016 c7 Guest
please write more of this story it is vary good as a nudist's my shelf i know there's not
to many good stories about nudist's out there so please keep writing
2/21/2016 c7 ZanraoftheKeyblade
This is really a review for the whole story so far. It is still great. From a nudist perspective I was disappointed in how sexual the the Viridian Gym chapters were but they were handled well and did show how some "nudists" are pretty accurately and Valentina's reaction to the sexuality of the situation was fairly accurate to real nudists. Other than that it still feels like a real Pokemon story and everything about it is great I hope to see even more but it is worrying that it hasn't been updated in a little over a year.
2/21/2016 c1 ZanraoftheKeyblade
This is great! It gives an overall accurate representation of nudism as well as managing to sound exactly like an actual Pokemon story. I hope to see a lot more of this.
9/6/2015 c7 16Ironshot
Looking good...I hope an update comes soon though. I may post a nudist story that uses the Kalos region.
8/21/2015 c1 Vinyl Scratch3
I thought about it for like 2 minutes and came to this conclusion. Actively being a nudist while going on adventures is the single most retarded idea since some kids lit a coal mine on fire. Just imagine the inconvenience. No pockets so she just has that little bag... So about like 15 poke balls when they're down sized and that's if she's carrying nothing else. No protective gear from anything like gasses or sharp objects. She'd be dead the first time she accidentally cut her thigh on an angry bellsprouts leaves XD. Honestly nudists could only exist in a truly backwards or truly decadent society. Well nudist adventurers.
5/5/2015 c7 Jesse C-A
I really truthfully and honestly do appreciate your story your writing and all of the above please continue writing
4/6/2015 c7 josh
when are you going to make ch 8!
9/15/2014 c6 2willam and jack and jake
nice very well done
5/31/2014 c5 11Lux Bravo
That was an excellent battle Cory, you wrote it perfectly! My apologies it took me so long to review, but these past few nights I have just went to bed and instantly slept haha xD anyway!

I'm glad that Valentina won on her first try, that's a great start for her! It was quite funny to see Adam being put through such discomfort hehe, but like I said, what I really liked was the battle - you always write fight scenes so well haha! I can't wait to read chapter six now!

-Lux Bravo
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