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3/28/2017 c3 MoodyQueen
Cute story! I like the Disney references especially The Little Mermaid.
11/6/2016 c2 1ISB
11/8/2015 c1 7supersaiyangoku065768
This was hilarious.
6/22/2015 c6 1StanOfFans
I love this story too much for it to be healthy!D
6/17/2014 c5 Purplemania
I saw the owl on an advertise for an Tootsie Roll pop. Is that how you got the idea?
12/30/2013 c5 1apocalypticapplepie
12/30/2013 c3 apocalypticapplepie
I knew there would be mulan in this, I knew it! * I scream/whisper*
12/30/2013 c2 apocalypticapplepie
*trys not to laugh*
12/30/2013 c1 apocalypticapplepie
Oh my god it 12:07 am and everyone is asleep, and let me just say, it took all my will power to not laght like a banshee when I read is only the first chapter, and by the time I finsh, someone will probably be up (wink wink hopefully you know what that means)
9/21/2013 c5 purpleperson12
LOL! Thnks! It was really good!
9/11/2013 c5 3Little Luna Lovegood
Lol oh leo sooo funny!
8/16/2013 c4 purpleperson12
! Love it update!
8/4/2013 c4 6Aqua468
8/4/2013 c1 Aqua468
6/15/2013 c4 ApplesauceAuthor
HAHAHA 'Had these two not been married, we wouldn't have our beauty queen, Piper.' HAHHA
I almost spit water all over my computer because of how hard I was laughing!
A ROFL moment!
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