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for Tales on the ArgoII

12/29/2012 c1 Guest
haha i love this, i've been wondering the same thing
12/28/2012 c1 5AlittleOverwritten23
Lol Leo was just like yolo need ask her if she knew a Disney princess and Hazel was just like late boyfreind's great-grandson said whaaaaaat?!
Hahah really funny. not at all what I thought the quesion would have been.
12/26/2012 c1 1KatnissEverdeenForever
hahaha...nice :)
12/23/2012 c1 Guest
12/24/2012 c1 1JediNinjaElfGirl
HAHAHA! Oh, how brilliant this is!

Awesome first story! Keep up the good work biffle! :)
12/22/2012 c1 Nibs98
that was Funny! with a capital F! (Don't belive me? just check)
that is my only comment.
I'm sorry if I dissappointed you with the fact that I only have one comment.

12/24/2012 c1 5raisa864
Short, but hilarious! Loved it! You should totally make a sequel! You captured Leo perfectly!
12/24/2012 c1 27ChocolateIsMyDoom
Just. Leo.
12/23/2012 c1 3Aye PJ was herrrrrre dO.Ob
That was funny. Leo always has something to say!
12/23/2012 c1 XenimeEckete
12/23/2012 c1 4433220011223344
This is godsdamned hilarious! Leo is so awesome.
Please remove the "It's my first story and a oneshot. Please give it a chance." from your summary. Readers tend to hate seeing that in summaries, and they won't be inclined to click your story so you may lose potential readers and reviewers.
Chances are, you're going to get the same criticisms whether this is your first fic or your millionth.
Good luck with future fics!
12/22/2012 c1 56TailsDoll13
XD LOLZ! Methinks Leo has seen one too many Disney movies...HAHAHA XD!
Deranged Shadow Fangirl
12/22/2012 c1 Bunhead
Oh Leo. Percy and Leo have strangely similar thoughts at times...This was funny!
12/22/2012 c1 3Little Luna Lovegood
Haha poor Leo. He will never get is answer will he?

Its cute and i love it! Great job for your first story Panda
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