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for I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

9/14/2013 c1 7Mysteryfan17
Almost a year late but this was sweet and I didn't notice any typos. No sugar cookies here... do you want a virtual ice cream sundae? Here. Take care. 10/10
6/9/2013 c1 6PeachtreeAmuto
Jace is right North Carolina isn't very cold. Even if it does snow all you need is a jacket.

Anywho great story!
5/16/2013 c1 Little Chicago
Very cute
12/25/2012 c1 23DarkAndStormyNight
Haha, I liked this. I'm from NC and I wish it would snow so badly! ;D Good story.
12/24/2012 c1 19Malica15
This was nice! I laugh at the trio hard! XD I do ike Caroline at the end though.
12/24/2012 c1 3Alana-kittychan
aww so cute
12/24/2012 c1 16alohomorraa
Wait... If Caroline believes, then shouldn't she be able to see Jack?

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