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1/26/2016 c2 Guest
Good story love how it ended
11/20/2013 c1 Voldemort
Hail Ceaser
10/20/2013 c2 ThePhenakism
Awesome story, would love to see more :)

-Cheers Mason
5/29/2013 c1 1Shamrock Red
Oh hey, this is was so well-written! I'm not completely familiar with the series, but honestly, this chapter does intrigue me a great deal about what the story's about!

I honestly hope you continue this! It's super creative, and even if you aren't a massive follower of the series, it holds your interest! Well done :) x

On to the next chapter!
4/1/2013 c1 3JediMasterDraco
Please Update soon Sioux cause I'm really interested in this story, and I wanted to read more about my favorite Star Wars couple.
And no I do not mean Teneniel and Isolder
3/17/2013 c2 1Calyzar
Really cool spin off idea.

It was a nice read on Isolder and Teneniel with lots of interesting background in the first part.
The second chapter was especially well done, with the perfect amount of in-depth Jacen/Tenel Ka, story flow and mushy romance.
Looking forward to your last chapter!

2/17/2013 c2 3JediMasterDraco
Hey Sioux Fan its JediMasterDraco, or Drake to my fellow Jacen/Tenel Ka fans. I just wanted to let you kknow I discovered your story when I read An Origami Fish's author note in "Caught Between Destiny and Fate" I must say its probably one of the best fic I've read staring my favorite Star Wars couple (I knew they belonged together since Young Jedi Knights: Lightsabers). I take it from the ending that Jacen and Tenel Ka were able to celebrate in a manner similar to what their friends did after Ebaq 9. I look forward to the next chapter.
1/24/2013 c2 12An Origami Fish
Good luck with your move! Never expected an additional chapter to the fun-ness that was the first one, and it was just by chance that I was stopping by the NJO part of this site! Can't wait to see what you have planned for the vacation on Obroa-skai. I like your writing style, it's light, fluffy, yet somehow keeps the characters as they are (and I enjoyed the commentary about Anakin's fall from grace too p). The more you write, the more I can squeeze in here and there in the sequel too, so I'm liking this story for that aspect as well ).
Til next time,
An Origami Fish
1/21/2013 c2 10Darksabre35

I LOVED this chapter; reading it was the perfect way to fill the first part of my Monday holiday.:) I got a LOT of insight into the way you think in this chapter; even though this is a 'happy' fic, you've woven a lot of serious issues and moral dilemmas into is as well. Kudos.


Parties are always fun; it seems even the CHIEF OF STATE got very, ah into the spirit of the moment. A drunk Cal Omas? In - ter- est - ing. Yes, WHERE did Lando get a freaking parquet floor? Seriously? Hmmm...reminds me I really want to get a pair of heels soon...though being 5' 7.5'' I don't really need them. And I've fallen down the stairs into the cafeteria at school while wearing FLATS before….says a lot about me.

TK can sure do a lot with only one hand...amazing how she has adapted over the years.

Okay, I just have to ask...do you like food a lot, or do you like to cook? Of course, I've only read TWO of the pieces that you've written, but in both food is a major theme.

I laughed uncontrollably when TK said, "Still a 36C." Just...priceless. TK must REALLY be relaxed with Jacen to be able to talk….bra sizes with him (BTW, she has a size many would envy). Jacen...always so politically astute….get a vacation while doing good AND making a good political impression. Jealous TK is FUN.


I'm thinking it just might be a very good thing that Leia hasn't spent much time around either Anakin or Jaina ever since they had their first 'celebrations' with their significant others; being Force - sensitive... ***cringe*** Thank the Force Jacen at least is discreet.

No need to be embarrassed about being a 'Mama's boy', Jacen. It has been proven that boys who have good relationships with their mothers are much more likely to treat their GF's and wives well...TK is one lucky girl. In regard to being a 'mama's boy' Jacen reminds me of MY brother.


Awwww...Jacen. I actually can relate to the feeling of thinking that no one wants to listen to you, and I know it is NO fun at all. Everybody deserves to have people at least listen to their opinion.

Heheheh. Lentil casserole? Yuck. I like lentils, but NOT in casseroles. Lentil casserole sounds just about as appetizing a disaster I once had to eat for dinner that involved arugula in...soup. Not a good idea. In any case, that part was REALLY funny; I loved it.

Jacen is so clever...I really like how he found a way to get Teneniel not to make her casserole without hurting her feelings. Tact goes a long way. And Jacen is a good cook too...I like.

As a matter of fact, I would NOT eat ANYTHING Han Solo cooks or bakes. I have a bad feeling it would be inedible.


***jumps up and down in glee*** I am SO happy you found a way to incorporate this issue of Leia not being a so - called 'real Jedi' into this story. I recently finished reading the 'Jedi Academy Trilogy' and I was really impressed with how well Leia bore up under the IMMENSE pressure on her even before she became Chief of State. And I was VERY annoyed with Luke when he kept pressing her to develop her Jedi powers, even with all the responsibility she had! I felt he was being very insensitive and trying to fit her into HIS idea of what a 'Jedi' should be like - who did he think he was to define what a Jedi should or should not be? As an aside, Luke annoyed me throughout the ENTIRE JA Trilogy. I felt he was just obsessed with his dream for 'his' Jedi, HIS academy, his idea of what a Jedi should be. He was arrogant and self - important. Sorry for ranting, I'm going off on a tangent. Again, to use an expression you hav,e 'two thumbs, way, way up' for mentioning this issue of Luke trying to force Leia into his mold of what a Jedi should be. Kudos to Jacen for seeing what was wrong with Luke's actions!

I also liked that Jacen pointed out the fact that Mon Mothma, Bail, and Leia paved the way for Luke to defeat the Emperor. The truth is, without them, there would have been NO organized rebellion - Luke could never have gotten a chance if not for them! Somehow our natural instinct is to look to the handsome hero with the sword rather than those who worked in the background to make it all happen. In reality, Leia has done MUCH more to help the entire galaxy than Luke has, and maybe ever will. I remember running across an AU fic a while ago where Jaina was, by some fluke of nature, born without the Force. Jaina and Luke have a talk about her attending the academy with her brothers during which he tells her that Leia, though she has not developed her force powers much, has in fact done much more to help the galaxy than he has. The fic was one of those VERY aggravating ones that hadn't been updated in...forever, but I liked that conversation. Why couldn't the 'grandmaster' have a similar attitude in canon instead of that 'I am the man who restored the Order, all ye must obey me' attitude he has?

True, true. Luke's view of the Jedi is antiquated. I'm sure you've noticed how almost all, if not ALL Jedi heroes are the 'let's get up and kick the bad guys butts' warriors. Even those who THINK, like Jacen, seem not to be respected UNTIL they become warriors. Isn't that sending a wrong message about how Jedi are supposed to be? Because the way Jedi heroes are currently portrayed implies you CANNOT be a hero UNLESS you are a warrior, which is not true. Tekli, for example, unflinchingly spent the Mykyr Disaster with her hands in her friends' insides, healing them so they could continue to fight. I, for one, think she is a HEROINE. But she doesn't get many mentions just because she isn't lightsaber happy like some of the other Jedi. We NEED to see the fact that the warriors cannot function without the healers, the politicians, and all those who make the infrastructure work. There are all types of Jedi. Not all must be warriors. Leia is every bit as much a Jedi as Luke.

I am so happy the family got to spend a nice evening together...long overdue.


Awww...that scene where TK got the nickname 'Tiki' was SO cute. Also showed that being the Hapan crown princess wasn't all that fun...not with evil relatives so ready to slip a knife in your back and smile while doing it.


No need to tell Anakin about your affairs, Jacen. It seems to me that Jacen is far more...restrained than Anakin is. If I had to clone one of the Solo brothers to be my BF, I'd take Jacen, thank you very much. A/T may be fun to read about, but I'd probably be vomiting after spending a week or two around them if I was force - sensitive.

Nice mother - in - law/son - in - law bonding scene.

Oh...so Teneniel had it all planned...clever witch. And Jacen passed with flying colors!:)

You know, it really would have been nice if Teneniel had been able to sit Anakin down after the Bastion debacle and give him some straight talk about how he was being...less than his best at handling the whole thing. I found Teneniel's assessment highly accurate and agree with it COMPLETELY. I remember, back when Anakin ceded his seat on the High Council to Jacen, he actually admitted it himself than he 'freezes' when his plans start to fall apart.

Lovely plan. I think it will work out quite well.


Nicknames...always fun to find out the background of nicknames.

Well, well, looks like things are about to get smexy, no?

Looking forward to chapter three!

1/21/2013 c2 17Boris Yeltsin
1/3/2013 c1 Boris Yeltsin
Enjoyed that.
12/25/2012 c1 12An Origami Fish
I liked it, I liked it, I liked it ). I was a bit unsure at the beginning, but as I read it, I just couldn't stop smiling. It was strangely sweet with two characters I would never associate 'sweetness' with. Isolder's character was just...wow. You wouldn't mind if I incorporated some of your canon to make it a part of the aDA sequel's canon would you )...

Dathomir and the Nightsisters feature prominently in one of the Interlude story arcs, which your story kind of hints at, so that also made me grin silly-ly.

Nice job, enjoyed it bunches!
Happy Holidays!
-An Origami Fish
12/25/2012 c1 10Darksabre35

FORCE, this was FREAKING AMAZING! Why did you wait so long to share your writing skills with the world? I'm eagerly awaiting more!

No, seriously, I LOVED this fic. I had a smile on my face from beginning to end; it was the perfect fanfiction Christmas gift. I love how you 'filled in the blanks' for us regarding Teneniel and Isolder's relationship in aDA and even gave us some background on Teneniel's reign and how...ah, TK came into existence.


Never bet against Jedi, Isolder, but I can't blame you. If someone told me a planet was sentient enough to move around and 'go into hiding' I would think they were a little crazy, too. Lando and Isolder's betting scene must have been interesting!

Jeanne D'Arc - nice real - world parallel.

I like how you showed how Isolder was excited and maybe even a little nervous at speaking to his wife after TWO years, but how you managed to keep his 'Hapan restraint' in place all the same. Yeah, it's not every day you get to hear a Witch of Dathomir use Mando slang. Ah, so Teneniel DOES like Hapan food, if she doesn’t particularly care for many of the other aspects of Hapan culture. I don't blame her. Roast rancor and roots….shudder.


I really admire how you managed to give Chief Skarsgard a whole lot of personality in only a few paragraphs. Come to think of it, a job as cook in the Navy must be really interesting. No doubt Navy cooks are also trained to use butcher knives as such as weapons should it ever come to that….

Chief Skarsgard, obviously a man of excellence in cooking. He obviously knows his boss too, if I'm reading this right. He hears Isolder ask for a meal for TWO, but surmises that Isolder actually wants to eat ALONE. But not so.


I don't blame Isolder for being nervous...he hasn't seen his wife in TWO years after all. A LOT can happen in two years. I really liked Isolder and Teneniel's characters in 'The Courtship of Princess Leia' (which, BTW, is hands - down the MOST amusing SW book I have EVER read), and it was nice to see a fic focusing on them that fleshes out their relationship.

Kissing both cheeks...so the Hapans are like, the French, is it?

Right, attachment to a ship will lead you to the...Dark Side! No, just joking. Ships ARE meant to be used, I guess. Han's love of the Falcon is legendary; I guess Isolder's been picking that up. I still remember how much Han and Isolder disliked each other at first…"Do you intend to murder me as well?" - Isolder

I'm glad Teneniel has recovered both emotionally and physically. Sincerity must really be something that's hard to come by on Hapes, and much appreciated when it can be found.

Tenel Ka is a WARRIOR queen; she never quite intended to be queen in the first place anyway. If her family is constantly seeking to kill her, then TK definitely has a solid backing in the army and navy. I was smiling as I read Isolder's glowing reports of how the Hapan troops love TK. It is SO much easier to respect and follow a leader who is actually out there on the frontlines with you, fighting, rather than one who sits at home on a cushy throne and orders people around.

"I hate politics." What a blunt way to put it. Fortunately TK gets out of all this just fine, and I'm sure Hapes was easier to rule and more peaceful for quite a while after the Second Battle of Coruscant. Don't worry, Isolder, TK will rule for a VERY long time.

Yeah, Teneniel never allowed herself or her daughter to develop that infuriating self - importance that a lot of bureaucrats and royalty seem to have.

GO TK! You do NOT send people recklessly into battle for 'glory.' Really, if you just look at the records, people who go to war for 'glory' get KILLED fast - or emotionally SHATTERED.

Well, I'm glad Teneniel's back, and I hope the royal family of Hapes will be able to find time for some solid 'family time' after the war is over. Shameless plug for a one - shot from you involving Isolder, Teneniel, and TK. :D


Wow, I TOTALLY concur with Teneniel's points about waste and extravagance. It really can be heartbreaking to look at the rampant GREED and WASTE in our society and think about those across the globe or even on the streets of our cities struggling to just survive.

Wow, Isolder is well - rounded. He can even cook...mmm, the mentions of that jambalaya are making me hungry. And to think I just pigged out on chocolate chip cookies last night…

Shows what a WITCH Ta'a Chume was that she even controlled what the people around her ATE, but then she had to, since she liked putting poison in people's food.

It was so cute of Isolder to make that jambalaya for Teneniel. Awwww…Isolder/Teneniel is cute, and kind of HOT too…


I would totally attend the Dathomiri Jedi Academy, and I agree with Teneniel's idea to incorporate the Nightsisters. I'm not a fan of the facefuls of burst - blood - vessels thing that comes along with being a Nightsister (at least it did in 'The Courtship'), but I thought some of their Force techniques were pretty cool, and the Witches and the Jedi could benefit from learning them. You know my stance on the Force, so I'll refrain from going into further detail.

YES, Tenna's Jedi friends need to learn about her nickname...amusing how she got that nickname.

TK is a masterful queen, one I would be proud to know personally. It would be really great if Hapes became the center of learning rather than of pretty faces and the accompanying vanity and backstabbing. What Tenna's been doing is a great way to both employ displaced scholars AND help Hapes.

Cute way to end the fic.

Excellent work; I can't wait for more!

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