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11/22 c46 1Lord Hooty
ahem, for future use:

limited edition astronaut freeze dried ice-cream man
(you know who I mean)
11/20 c46 thesaintnoobish
I've just binged through the entire thing, it's been a hell of a ride, and I particularly enjoy this style of writing, although there has been a bit more exposition through explanation rather than demonstration recently, which had been getting a bit tedious.

Having each scale be its own multiverse though? excellent imagery, truly inspirational.

Thank you for the story and all the work you have put in.
11/13 c46 Mr. Nobody
Such a damn shame that you've abandoned this amazing story especially for a story that is pure fucking GARBAGE, if you had abandoned it for your DxD story that would be slightly better but instead you abandoned this story for a story about a gay faggot who enjoys making swords to use in place of anal beads
11/4 c46 thomascastillo9987
when are you gonna update this story?
10/7 c46 Zproth
Please read In full and remember that I mainly love your work, and this is just my review, still hope you continue it.

First off I say that I love your naruto series so far it's my favorite of the fanfic that you make. The others are great too. This is probably the best naruto fanfic out there and I think it's actually better than the original Naruto series. The awesome world building the epic fights. The character development, interactions and great organic humor. I'll try to do a 3 up 3 down to give you something that would be fun and constructive for you. The ups well things that I like or think that we'll be fun to explore the down will be issues I have with the story or things that I just don't think makes sense. I would like them explained better.

3 ups
, I think you're gonna like this. Cause this is how naruto could get in to time manipulation There's a paradox called the arrow paradox, if you haven't seen it, look it up it's really cool. It basically states without time there can be no movement and without movement, there can be no time. This could be the flip coinside like with nature and reality manipulation. Anyways, I thought it was pretty cool and I think you should maybe look into it. I think you would enjoy it. All in all, I love the power set's and abilities of Naruto. The fact that he has used tactics and terrain to take advantage of his Opponents makes him feel like a real freakin ninja but still has all the awesome epic fights.

is naruto's origin I think exploring origins Including naruto whould be really cool. Technically, Naruto's pretty much never had a mindscape of his own except for a few seconds of birth, so we'd like to see Naruto's unaltered mindscape without taint or alteration from the fox or his parents. I don't think we know what that looks like at this point. Ghost had a family From what i can tell from the beginning. His brother's went looking for him when he disappeared. No one would have
looked for Naruto. That is a way in which they are vastly different. But this is the way in which they are incredibly alike. It's a fact that he doesn't really know who he is. Because his mind is never been solely his own. Hes always been sharing it with someone. Just like ghost doesn't know who he is because of what his first wife did to him. Is what binds these 2 in special ways that no others can share.

one could be really fun you say other special deities are waking up in the world. I think it'd be hilarious if either. Some female fox spirit's started chasing Naruto. Him and Hinata having to deal with them. That would be hilarious. Again, I agree he shouldn't get every girl in the world. Don't think a harem suits him. Just think it be funny to see Hinata's reaction. Or maybe he gets to meet some of the local gods of luck and find out why his luck is so freaking terrible . All in all, I think would be pretty cool for everybody.

3 downs

say naruto wasn't raped. It's your fan fiction but i'm really hoping this isn't the case. It's hinted that/and applied that Naruto has been assaulted and/or raped multiple times during his ghost own enjoyment? And I get it hes not a human, has different non human morals and enjoys the suffering of others. But I'm hoping Naruto at least avoided this one fate. An example is when he said ghosts throws him into a pet of demons. During Mating season after breaking his arms and legs and took multiple times to get out. This implies that the first few times hes unsuccessful and therefore fell pray to the demons and was raped or assaulted.

do the other ninja still treat him like trash? Sometimes I realize they're just making fun of him as some friends do for the most part like with Shikamaru and Kin. But most of the time it just feels like they legitimately hate and despise him. I can count on one hand the number of times someone was actually nice to him since the time skip, not including the ichiraku or the kids and iruka for the mostpart. In the stadium, it literally made Sakura physically uncomfortable and sick she had to thank him for something. If we got one chapter with them saying one nice thing about them each would me feel like they actually like him. I get that most would rather died and say something nice to his face. Right now, feels like hidan has treated him better than the rest of the people around him. He was certainly more respectful. It even feels like Hinata's on the hate train to as well. Now she'll treat him decent. If he does something good for her, she should treat him decent because that's what you do to people you love. He saved the stone and they blame him for the Akatsuki. Despite the fact that they were funding them.

What's the point of giving him 3 possible girlfriends if hes got the world's smallest Dick or is Completely incompetent in sexual matters and can't take care of a woman? That's literally the bet in the village is that when he has sex with Hinata. He'll be crying for a week, and she'll be laughing at him for twice as long. And apparently everybody agrees that's how it's gonna happen. If I remember the quote correctly, "Absolutely, nobody believes he can outlast or satisfied hinata nobody."- tokiwa. Not downplaying emotional connection but physical intimacy is part of a relationship. When he left for the meeting in iron. They referred to him as an ally, not a friend, not family, and ally someone who's convenient and useful but ultimately disposable. Hell, he saved Yukie after Mei failed to keep her from being taken as a hostage. Mei let her get taken as a hostage while she was guarding her, and it was somehow his fault she screwed up. After allowing 3 different groups to form a coup d'é·tat right under her nose, including missing ninja from her own freaking village. And where the hell where Zabuza and Haku on this.

3. I think Sakura and/or ino are traitors at least one of them is. I'll be honest, I don't like them. They blame Naruto for everything that goes wrong and their life no matter what and he is frankly better off with out them. But I get it you wrote these characters to be hated. I mean, Tenten and kiba may bust his balls but they're ultimately his friends. Hear me out, I know that ino is a sadist that pretty much despises Naruto with every fiber for being. But there was no reason for having that poisoned needle in the Volcano other than that she brought it to kill Naruto. She did not know she was going to be dealing with morio in that Volcano. Naruto's the only person she would have known to bring it for it was meant to kill him, so she wanted to kill him. There is no other reason for that thing. The fact that Tsunade supposedly had to give it to her makes me question her a little bit as well. I suppose she be under the control of danzo's manipulation at that point, it just seems unlikely but possible. As for Sakura medics don't self check themselves with other medics around, I think she intentionally didn't see The seal on the back of Ino's head. Cause she's secretly working for danzo cause. Danzo was with the original Sasuke. Who she's still in love with. Remember, they took out the medical quarters, and that's Tsunade's baby. There's no way they got in there without inside help and Tsunade would never trust Danzo or his men. An inside source would be the one because she already offered to go with him to sound. Originally and betray the village. She's willing to sale out the entire village, if it means getting Sasuke. And they're looking for someone that close to be manipulated by a genjutsu not willingly work with them. It's hard as it is to swallow it be perfect for character development . Till this point, they've known who all the traders were. Naruto still needs to understand that. Even at this level, he can be betrayed. Just like stained glass betrayed shadow. Plus be a great shock and eye opener for the rest of his friends If Naruto wasn't already hardened with this kind of stuff. And if they did to any other ninja what they did to Naruto. They'd be charged with assault, attempted murder, torture, treason, and a bunch of other things. As trained medical ninjas, they should know physical and mental abuse is not what's someone who's suffering from PTSD needs.

Remember a huge fan. Overall I love it. Please do not take this personally or that I hate your work. I'm also on your paytorn under Zachary Rothschild hope that it will be back on TTRT soon.
9/22 c46 2PikachuRXZ
I don't review often, but your work is so good I felt compelled to. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and the prequel to this. I basically binged it. My wife thought I was ignoring her with how much I was reading this. You are amazing and I will impatiently await an update to this one.
9/14 c3 codeninja676
So you turned Naruto into an actual sociopath, not sure why I was expecting something different from a fanfic written while the manga was ongoing but here we go, it's a trope at this point to make Naruto a sociopath in some way and tbh I feel it betrays the core of the character, hope you write yourself out of it eventually because while Ghost and the gang are enjoyably sociopathic in small doses having the main character of the story like this is going to make reading it a lot harder.
9/6 c1 tonioferronio
I want you to realize that you have completely ruined fanfiction for me because of how amazing your writing, comedy, story-telling, character personality, and world building is.
8/10 c1 1Gabriel31
That whole crap with ubw? I skipped it. It was stupid and dumb ash to be completely honest.
8/5 c46 Ispastapizza
Bro your works are probably the best I have ever read but man will you ever update this story…?
8/5 c46 1dementicon
After spending a week reading both YAWALH and this, I find myself a wreck, for several reasons. The story telling, the humor, the intensity, on one side. The concepts, the world building, the... everything on another side.
Potentially long story short, I will never be able to read another fic and not think "this is nowhere near as good as Third Fang's work".
What I mean to say is...
Thank you! Thank you so very much!
8/3 c20 Guest
In regard to the whole thing with hinata. I agree and think you handle it tastefully. It's a touchy subject that most people would shy away from. But respect you from handling in a respectful way. Let's not forget that
one suffering the most PTSD is Naruto. Ghost being the sadest that he is probably didn't weigh worse to him than the rest had done to them. P s, could you make it house? Somehow, someway the first time Naruto and hinata actually had sex.m they had to have blind pulled on. And they didn't realize it was like with each other that way. That was some kind of like a good surprise. Don't get me wrong, I get the whole point. Of this and it needs to happen to make you strong. But I just want a little bit of happiness for them and this kind of messed up situation.
7/22 c46 toombsstoners598400
Amazing chapter as always. I hope you're doing well, and hope you update it soon!
7/5 c3 2willam and jack and jake
nice very nice
7/5 c2 willam and jack and jake
well done
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