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for Take Two Round Two

6/15 c3 Anagennisi
Not going to lie... I desperately want Hinata to find out many of Naruto's most maliciously suppressed memories.
6/4 c23 2Hans50
Now I really really really REALLY want to see you write a story about The Family and how they interact in the One Piece and Harry Potter worlds...
5/28 c40 ShinRyuzaki
Honestly I have re read TTR2 and YAWALEH at least four or five times by now. You and NoodleHammer are my favorite authors on here, and the Oogakari are probably the sickest OC's i've read about. It's funny, when watching Jujutsu Kaisen I felt like the creator had to have read about Ghost when I saw Gojo. Can't wait til the next update!
5/17 c40 Mikhail-Zex
Hello there. I'm Michael. I really liked "yet again" and "take two, round two". for once a story that's not a sappy romance with an oversized harem. your characterization is consistent, really loved your take on Hinata and weepy but darkish serious Naruto. Politics that's actually good for once (no civilian bashing).

really awesome work. it's not often that a storys do good that I sit in one place and read 117 chapters in 4 days.

I did notice that the updates have slowed down a bit. I assume that is cuz your busy (grown up stuff I guess). If your ok with it, I don't mind continuing the story in your stead. I'll try to keep true to you style and follow the story line you had in mind (if you do have something in mind). I haven't written anything this long before though.

As to why I want to do this, simple. I. HATE. UNFINISHED. STORIES.

again, great story. the best fanfic I've read so far.ᴗ-)
5/13 c12 luffy1996
Why did you have to ruin naruto and turn him into a Ghost clone that cares about nothing around him? it doesn't work like it does for Ghost, it's annoying, and it makes me want to beat Naruto then heal him over and over again until he grows up.
The story is amazing but Naruto is is getting on my nerves for some reason.
5/12 c37 Lews therrin telamon
I am a huge fan of TTRT. Can you please update the story
5/12 c40 Guest
Also typing on mobile sucks because I kept posting the review before I was finished. They should really let u edit them
5/12 c40 Guest
*answer the minutia of the blows between the big moments, it’s also something I think won’t really work in a visual medium without altering the system entirely.
5/12 c40 Guest
*answer how to make a fight scene more fun to read in the minutia between th
5/12 c40 Guest
As a long time reader of your stories one of the coolest things about them is how you use presence in your fight scenes. Presence is already one of my favorite abilities in any story medium, but when it’s used in fight scenes it’s like two fundamental concepts are clashing. Not only does it help to ans
5/11 c40 FireDragon484
Just caught up on the latest chapters, thx for writing them! Really enjoying the story so far :D
5/7 c40 shadewolfedrt
This is a great story. I hope to see more with Ghost and his family. Would love to see the Harry Potter one and the training trip. Do you know the title of the first story that used the Bless The Log and all other things like that. I have read others and it is very fun to read. I know in one Naruto started it and others picked it up.
5/7 c35 shadewolfedrt
I do not know if this was on propose or what but this chapter and a few others had what looked like ink smudges on them. Will see if I can send it threw the normal PM of the site.
4/27 c40 Snaik
(Missed somethings i wanted to say)
*these two fics fixed so many issues i had technically with naruto. I mean when I finished reading naruto ,I had many questions left and was dissapointed with the shallow ending.(hokage naruto's hairdo sucks, take away something from him). this fic just connected things so good even though its a time travel fic(many of which have plotholes and in explainable things more often).
*The Family escapedes' have gotta be great. I so much wanna read ffd and gaiwp but dont know the actual stories and im kinda held up at the moments
*character development is great. so many characters are getting their potentials realised.
*the woman character have more development than ever in naruto. i mean whole of naruto woman characters who have had good time in the spotlight kinda narrows down to 5-6 in total. i do agree that many more got their time but all of them were wasted. they would be major in a arc or two then to the backseat.
*I like the way the story includes many povs, rather than only our #1 knucklehead ninja's. it isnt easy writing it but it makes the story so much better. thanks for that

one last thing,
*I worship the log, but the log is a lie ,so do i worship a lie?(visible confusion)help me fang-sama!
my whole life is a lie(hysterical sobbing)

the last point was something i wrote for fun.
4/27 c40 Snaik
Just finished this banger of a fanfic. The OC are really great(ghost and crypt are my fav). Please continue the dont let it die.

YAWALEH was one hell of a ride. wish TTRT is gonna be the same(TTRT is kinda linear currently).

Also can you do regular review shoutout (like kenchi),it would be like oda's sbs.

Also where can i follow you for review updates.
That's it im gonna stay with you till the finale. Take this story to the end, Third Fang.

P. the teaser for TTRT that you included in the last chapter of YAWALEH, there was this part where crpyt states he is calling hidan's bluff. was that idea scrapped or yet to happen

P.P. if you ever decide to introduce a raiton variant of the rasengan, please do not let it be boruto's variant. That jutsu really makes rasengan underwhelming.

P.P.S. gotta admit this is better than canon in terms of pure awesomeness.
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