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2/5/2016 c11 Shaylin Frost
I hate cliffhangers!
8/2/2015 c11 Guest
Plz update soon~I really want to know what did they write down in the love letters...*evil grins*:)
8/31/2014 c11 jessica
please update!
7/28/2014 c11 3Flame Wisp
Wow! so cool! *sparkling eyes*
6/4/2014 c11 Guest
I wanna know plz write more it's funny and interesting.
5/1/2014 c11 SORRY NOT ACTIVE
Eeeek! I wanna know what Tenma wrote! xD
4/7/2014 c11 Guest
I REALLY like this. I think its funny and cute.
1/9/2014 c8 Guest
I always cheer you and looking forward in the next chapter
1/9/2014 c4 Fate
Most of fiction I have ever seen , don't have Tenma as the main charecter except yaoi
1/9/2014 c3 Fate
Ohafter bump into Amemiya after that bump into Tsurugi huh?,that sound very interesting
1/9/2014 c2 Fate
If this fiction is longer than this it's might be fun, but you don't have to. Just when you feel like to update then please update.
1/9/2014 c1 Fate
Wow, sure is very fun
10/16/2013 c11 1LunA-Kagami
More! I love this series! Please keep making more!
8/2/2013 c11 3Ajla-chan
I love it!
7/21/2013 c11 6Neko and Niky
Niky: NO! Reading someone else's envelopes are absolutely very rude!
Neko: Really?
Niky: Your dumb so please!
Neko: Well I wanna know what'll happen next! :D
Neko and Niky: *holds each others' hands* Hope you update soon! And we love it!
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