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4/28/2020 c31 Angel
Felicitaciones por tu maravilloso trabajo tienes mucho talento continua escribiendo
4/25/2020 c31 Angel
No tengo palabras suficientes para felicitar tu ingenio, eres increíble y tu narrativa excelente soy una gran lectora desde hace muchos años y de verdad disfruté mucho tu historia.
Continúa por favor
1/9/2019 c3 Alex carver
"It was the best day of my life. Dad took the day off, and I got to spend the whole day with them..."

That line just really hit me. I couldn't say what makes it special, but it's really well done, and a way of thinking about the events then that I don't see all that often.
8/31/2018 c1 IK3U7
1/27/2018 c30 Amalthia
I had a great time reading your story. I loved the journal entries and seeing how Dick's first few months with Bruce went.
3/22/2017 c31 10CosmicEssence
excellent 'beginning' piece...lovely beautifully done! and that comment about kidnapping him if it didn't work out! :DD
3/1/2017 c31 10NoMeImporta32
This was incredible! I love this imagining and accuracy. You clearly did your research and I look forward to the sequel!
7/19/2015 c1 LOL
I don't know if you did this on purpose but "flying graysons", "dying graysons"? Sound kinda funny?
5/17/2015 c22 KiwiClover
Hm, I admit that while the uniform scene is really cute, I'm pretty confused. I thought he had already been fitted for a different uniform in a previous chapter? There was a whole sequence about them teaching Dick how to sew, ordering special split-toe boots, etc. You had also written about how the original cape was too long and the cowl obstructed his vision, hence the shorter cape and use of a domino mask instead...

Anyway, I like the use of the classic Robin costume here (it's hilariously ostentatious) but it might be a good idea to go back and make the chapters consistent with each other. Other than that, I've very much enjoyed this story. :) Thanks for sharing!
3/1/2015 c22 1Destined For Hell
I thought Dick already had a uniform but you've given him a whole new one with a design completely different from the one you outlined earlier in the story. With a red tunic with yellow stitching, a black undershirt and long black pants with black boots with split toes as well as a black cape with yellow lining. You even had him already trying it out when they decided to get rid of the cowl and shorten the cape. I hope you can clear this up and maybe correct this so he only has one uniform.
2/21/2015 c16 Cute Kirby
Giving Dick Ritalin would be like giving a squirrel caffeine. O_O'
12/8/2013 c31 turret towers do tower
The fluff is overwhelming. :)
10/16/2013 c31 1RougePlume
I loved this story, I loved how you managed yet again to keep the suspense going, especially since it's in a journal form.
I also particularly enjoyed the extortion scheme from Dick's cousin, even though I knew he was not going to adopt Dick (certainly not out of generosity), the way you made everything happened was well thought out and, unfortunately, left me sleepless. ;D
I'm not a big fan of the trial scenes though but when 'Batman' came in I just couldn't help but laugh imagining Clark awkwardly trying to imitate Bruce! Lol!
The development of the relationship between Bruce and Dick was particularly well done too, Bruce always questioning himself and Dick being the cute 8 yr old that he is! Dick as a child is quite irresistible...
9/14/2013 c30 18FlossSwallower
I almost forgot to leave a final review! Was too excited about the sequel!
This truly was an amazing story, I love how you managed to keep it realistic and show how hard and tough life can be and how bad Social Services can really be, too, while keeping that Silver Age Batman and including characters such as Superman and all. As always, I love how you can write about Batman and Robin without making it a giant mess of fight scenes, you actually make it all about thoughts and actions and feelings. As always, Alfred is my favorite character, and it's great how you manage to portray that grandfatherly wisdom and perfect etiquette. You capture the character perfectly, and as always Superman feels like a friendly uncle to the Batfamily.
One thing did keep nagging me, though. To the outside world it must have looked like the Social Service agents were right and Wayne treated his children like an uncaring pet owner, adopting a new one every time the latest grew up!
Great story again! Have a good day.
9/14/2013 c3 FlossSwallower
Another wonderful piece of work.
I'm only on the third chapter and I can already see that it's going to be wonderful. I like how you show that Bruce isn't just instantly such a fatherly figure, he's generally a cold, friendless person, but he's a kind, cold, friendless person at the same time. He's trying to be a father but it isn't easy, he has to remain cold and mean and distant to everyone but Alfred and a few other people, while still trying to be kind and close to Dick. I also like how you managed to show the circus incident in mostly actions, I tried one here on Fanfiction but it was mostly just Dick's thoughts and things from his view, but no, you were able to keep it interesting while still letting it be mainly centered around actions and conversations and Bruce's thoughts.
Beautiful job so far.
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