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for A Weird Start

7/29/2013 c24 2ScottishGirlReader
please continue!
7/22/2013 c24 1dillydill11
i love it!
5/7/2013 c24 1CorrieKibz
AWWWWW... I LOVE it Pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz update
2/25/2013 c24 Areader
Dis story is kinda similar to iab we met ! Is it ?aswer please:)
1/23/2013 c1 Thousands Of Suns
Why did you delete Second Chances!? D:
1/13/2013 c24 StrangelyBeautiful3
When are you updating second chances?
1/2/2013 c20 Guest
please continue
1/1/2013 c24 Thousands Of Suns
Aw they're so cute! Can't wait for the next one! :)
1/1/2013 c24 Lcat14
U didn't do the andre thing yet when are u going to do it?
1/1/2013 c23 Lcat14
That is the same as the last chapter I'm confused
1/1/2013 c22 Lcat14
12/31/2012 c21 xoTeamVavanForLifexo
aawwwww very cute!
12/31/2012 c21 Lcat14
The next chapter they should date with some drama along with it like andre tries to kiss her again and beck sees her kissing back her parents brake them apart idk just u should have drama Please update today again and I really want to co write with u
12/31/2012 c20 Lcat14
i love this whole story you have to make another cahpter so i can find out what happened please write another chapter please
12/31/2012 c20 xoTeamVavanForLifexo
Awww poor Tori...thank you for updating :)
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