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for Disappeared

5/13/2017 c2 AwesomeTomatoPizza
I love the way you write and you're right, you wrote endings like it has an upcoming chapters... I love it and it's so awesome! Hope you write more fics like this one but has more chapters, the more the merrier, right?
3/7/2013 c2 GothicKitty1313
Poor lovina :( I can't wait to read more, but don't get upset or sad :3 you deserve to be happy
12/28/2012 c1 PassionSmile
This is so sad, then good then confusing ;-; I can't wait for the next update all my feels and emotions are tumbling and confuddled at the moment but that's fine I enjoyed reading :D
12/28/2012 c1 4Mighty Agamemnon
Wow..this is interesting! But that was quite rude of Lovina to say such a thing about "getting over" Romano since Spain was still grieving! Had he been any other man/country, she probably would've been slapped! But I do hope they start going out!

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