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for House of Hogwarts

3/8/2014 c3 Guest
Please update and if you can please try to include more Rephaim.
1/15/2014 c3 Guest
9/21/2013 c2 6CSICoolDove
come on keep going with it it's really good
7/5/2013 c2 8Stephaim Fan
Just wanted to see if I could do this.
6/6/2013 c1 3Sonya-Valentine
I can't wait for more! It's fun putting my OC in this ( I do in EVERY story I read, though I have a couple dif ones for dif scenarios ) because I can just imagine her disliking Draco and Draco constantly annoying her and the constant chaos they'd create... I WANT MORE OF THIS STORY!

I can haz hug now? I like hugs
1/27/2013 c1 1Toby860
question. will any of the hogwarts students become fledglings or will they just remain seperated like in vampire knight.
12/31/2012 c1 11SmilesSaveLives
OMG OMG OMG! I love hp and hon, and I can tell this is gonna be great! Here's hoping for Stephaim in this!

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