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for For a Red Rose

8/5/2015 c1 10JohnnyCade4EVR
Holy shoot! That ending! This...is glorious.
3/23/2014 c1 M.v.j.M
A very sweet story
4/26/2013 c1 Arkie
This so beautiful! :D
1/7/2013 c1 9icewindsleetandsnow
Amazing chapter again, but j was thinking you should write a prophe about Pippa trying to get into Heaven and failing before this one. But this chapter is probably a one-shot...
1/6/2013 c1 1thehunterwholived
1/6/2013 c1 31ladybug114
aw that was so cute! I loved it :) keep writing RotG, please!
1/1/2013 c1 8daughterofthehunt
this story is very beautiful.
12/30/2012 c1 2jgoulding97
oh wow! that was so unimaginably lovely and sweet! thank you for posting this!
12/30/2012 c1 NinjaStar777
And I just have to add...
Heaters built into the elves' shoes! That's hardcore.
And lol, poor Phil always cleaning up Jack Frost's slush. :P
12/30/2012 c1 NinjaStar777
My God! Jack's never heard of heaven before?!
When I was watching this YouTube video on the CG design of Jack Frost, the commentator said that Jack was a boy in an ancient body. Guess they were right. O_O Who else would think that heaven was in the equator? He didn't even know that heaven was up.
The scene when Pippa saw Jack just as she remembered him was poignant. (Albeit that Jack now has snow white hair and blue eyes and wears a different shirt). And she's old and turns young again just how Jack remembers her, and turns old again when she turns to leave. North is so supportive.
Flying flowers. Lol.
12/28/2012 c1 1OtakuAme
i couldnt read the last 20 or so lines for a while, my tears were in the way ;; beautiful story
12/28/2012 c1 beccakitty300
My eyes started to well up with tears... TcT
12/28/2012 c1 50The-Silver-Butterfly150
lol, this was a little sad, yet so funny as well, the flying plants made me roll around in tears XD
And also this part:
North nearly choked. "Heaven? You're much to young to go to-"
"I'm 317 years old," Jack said indignantly. "I'm not 'too young' for anything."

P.S the sat part was beautiful

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