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11/8/2013 c11 57ananova
And I thought Nell had just been complaining that the pace was going to slow. Guess now that she's giving as good as she's getting she's changed her mind. Really enjoying this fic.
11/8/2013 c8 ananova
Loving this story. Definitely enjoying the fact that it's less serious than your other fic. I loved their texts in this chapter. And Nell's right, that would be the perfect image to create sweet (but not innocent) dreams. Thanks sharing this wonderful story.
11/7/2013 c18 18SnoopGirl69
A beautiful ending to this story.
11/6/2013 c18 tmpbooth
A gracious end to a beautiful story packed full of fun, romance, hope and fear. I love that you kept it so simple.

We forget that Callen is much older hence the old school romance and wooing. Nell is a lucky woman.
11/6/2013 c18 1bjq
love it. sequel please
11/4/2013 c17 Susan L. Grabon
ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG H! I just want more. I want Callen and Nell to be happy. Together. Great job. I just want to hit the next button.
11/4/2013 c17 Guest
You're killing me with this romance! So sweet. Every girl's dream
11/6/2013 c18 20shestarsky
A nice ending to an enchanting story, glad I followed it to the end. Sorry I can't answer your questions but I'm sure some will know the answer.
11/6/2013 c18 13ncisloverinnc
Such a romantic ending! Loved it.
11/6/2013 c18 26jimi18
Great ending, sad it's over.
11/6/2013 c18 blue dogs rock
wow certainly knows how to impress someone!
callen is hot hot hot!
nallen nallen nallen nallen nallen is awesome and rocks!
awesome story!
11/4/2013 c17 tmpbooth
Wow! Beautifully written as always.

I have to say i do love the texts between them. Such a normal way of communicating for most but with Callen it allows him to be honest and open without the fear of having to actually see that person he has opened his heart to possibly reject him or walk away. Opening his home and memories to Nell before they have actually had a date speaks volumes about how hard he has fallen for her.

Adore the fact that Nell can ruffle the calm feathers that is essentially G Callen. She is fiesty & brings out the sweet, fun side of G we only get glimses of. Great little chapter showing the unexpected actions of G but so very much the actions of a man in love.
11/4/2013 c17 liferscove2118
*eyes wide* Cliff hangar? but but why?

Nice work on the update. I got to the end and had a nice pout looking at it.
11/4/2013 c17 3alix33
"I wanted to whole package" - "wanted the whole package".
AW! at what Callen offered Nell.
She would be the biggest fool if she rejected it.
11/4/2013 c17 8ams31
Please update soon. I ship Nallen and I can't wait to read about what's in the envelope and about their first date. Because, come on...we know there is going to be a first date, second date...
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