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4/2/2020 c2 Kurosaki Yukia
9/2/2016 c4 makubex000
please update this story! where ate you now?
4/11/2015 c4 Guest
...your not updating?
4/11/2015 c4 3DragonClanMaster
i laughed at Mukuro’s and Lambo’s was priceless humor!
8/4/2014 c4 ever-lethargic
Oh god. All their personalities got switched! Or they were reborn into he wrong body?
7/12/2014 c4 Aliahthewolfgirl
So here's what I've gathered so far...
Lampo Daemon (LAMBO RUN!)
Daemon Knuckle ('Ho shit!)
Alaude Lampo (He's gonna die! ;_;)
Giotto Asari (Only one I could figure, because only he or Asari would still be slightly mellow, and I highly doubt that is Giotto)
G Maybe Giotto
Asari G...
Knuckle whoever the hell is left!...Alaude?
Pretty sure I'm wrong on a lot of these ('cept the first three) but... MEH!
4/3/2014 c4 1nyanchan113
please release more of the story because I am currently dying of laughter. and i will not be at peace until i finally figure out what is going on. anyways, thanks for the great story and have a nice day!
3/1/2014 c3 Guest
hahaha hibari was astonished that alaude is acting like a herbivore!
3/1/2014 c4 makubex000
wha?! but i love this story! T_T
10/12/2013 c4 18Alia D
Okay, I just wanted to let you know, I loved what I saw so far. So here's my guess of the babies.
Daemon is really Knuckles
Lampo is Alaude
G is Giotto
Asari is G
Alaude is Lampo
Knuckles is Daemon
Giotto should be Asari
Wow. Tsuna really lucked out. Great job! Can't wait to see the new one!
8/4/2013 c3 6Vongolafan16
LMFAOOOO! Ok let me get this straight Mukuro got Knuckle
Lambo got Alaude
Hibari got Lampo (lol)
Yamamoto got G
Gokudera got Asari
And Ryohei got Daemon(?!)
While Tsuna is perfectly fine... Lool that's sooo damn funny! XD
7/6/2013 c3 2lacomtessa
lol. Poor tenth gen...
6/11/2013 c3 petite.hope
Oh my, is the first guardian personality is shifted with each other? Aaah, I can't wait for the next chapter hehee
6/10/2013 c3 2Little Sachi
...Holy. Knuckle is daemon, Daemon is Lampo, Alaude is Lampo, G is Asari, Asari is G, and Giotto is...Giotto?
5/31/2013 c2 Guest
lol 'wheres my little demon' demon?
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