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for Misadventures 2: Vengeance

3/19/2015 c1 genesicgaogaigarvsgodgundam
great job
3/22/2013 c20 Drakon45
continue please!
2/19/2013 c20 2H.B. Horse
This 'fic is definitely worth passing without more than a glance. As far as characters go, I still found Markus to be the same jerk that he was in the first Misadventures story. Parsek was flat and dull, but those qualities actually made him shine in comparison to the rude Markus and twisted, out-of-character kombatants like Liu Kang. If I hadn't stuck through this until the end (an effort of grand proportions) I would've quit around... well, the second chapter or so.

The writing itself is passable even though mistakes are more common than I would've preferred. Still unremarkable, with the constant POV switches making it difficult to establish an original flavor in addition to a bland 19 chapters of uninspired plot. There really was no reason to care about any events that occurred or any of the characters. The OCs were also pretty pointless.

Suffice it to say that I will not be reading Misadventures 3.
1/24/2013 c20 Drawerfan
Cant wait too see what you come up with :D

for the battle

1/24/2013 c20 MarquisDeSade69
Can't wait for the next installment. You've come a long way as a writer since Misadventures #1, keep truckin'.
1/22/2013 c19 1ShadowMaster2014
Can't wait for the ultimate battle because it will be epic with a capital "E".
1/22/2013 c18 Drawerfan
I cant wait for that battle

1/20/2013 c17 Drawerfan
Good vs Evil :D

1/19/2013 c17 ShadowMaster2014
Just great, the Forces of Good got about two months to get ready for the ultimate battle against Shinnok and the Army of Darkness.
1/19/2013 c16 Drawerfan
So much drama between Mileena and Kitana...gotta to love it :D

1/18/2013 c15 thedude
why are you potraying liu kang and kitana as villains in this story? in the games, mileena is an evil, coniving, deceptive she-devil, yet you are making her out to be the salt of the earth. you've got your characters all mixed up here clearly the work of an adolescent virgin obsessed with mileena. you shouldn't screw with the series' character development like this and not expect recourse. the only person who gives you truly positive reviews is this "DrawerFan"-is that you? do you write your own reviews? sad.
1/18/2013 c15 Drawerfan
I'm so curious of whats going to happen next :D

1/18/2013 c15 MarquisDeSade69
Jesus Christ Kid! Do you ever sleep?

I like this chapter, figured it would take the Intervention of a god to get the two sides on the same page. Shinnok is the real enemy. Is he not?

Anyways, forget all the naysayers. I don't typically like fanfics where OCs form relationships with series characters, but this one's okay, mostly becuase of Markus - he's like Johnny Cage plugged into the matrix.

Happy Trails.

Da Evil Genius
1/16/2013 c1 Alpha-Reader
I'm going to tell you what I think of your story and I will not hold anything back, so brace yourself. I generally hate stories like this, those in which we have an OC that enters a relationship with an established character ... this one is no different but what make it stand out is your OC. I HATE your OC, Markus X. Judging from what I've read in this fic and your previous installment, Markus X is a smug, arrogant, perverted, self-centered, backstabbing asshole who hides behind his technology and cheats to win fights. He happens to find him some alien poontang so he turns his back on his home planet and all of his friends and family back home ... so he can be with a flesh eating psychopath "CUZ DAM DAT AZZZ!"... realisticly, Mileena would've killed Markus X on sight and ate him too ... In the canon of the games, Mileena is in a relationship with Baraka... he's not human, sorry, Mileena doesn't like humans ... I don't know ... the logic of this story is pitiful ... Everyone Mileena hates, Markus hates ... for instance, he goes out of his way to diss Kitana and even wants to kill her himself because Mileena says that she was mean to her ... Go back and watch story mode, please... Everything Mileena wants, he gets for her... If your OC has no spine and is willing to be led around by his dick than he sure as hell doesn't deserve my respect or of any other reader.

I'll also add that you need to stop stealing ideas from other writers and be more original.
1/15/2013 c13 Drawefan
It was so funny what Johnny said to Sonya in here POV XD
and I wonder whats up with the portal :curious:

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