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10/12 c11 nate.cannon.7399
Can you write the results of Sasuke , Jiraiya , Kakashi, and Hiruzen death?

And what is fire daimýo's reactions to losing his most important pieces?

Plus will we get pain ,black zetsu and Obito thoughts about Kurama total loss?
9/3 c1 Binge Reader
Man, it's just bashing at this point. What a waste.
7/23 c11 Guest
Nice chapter i hope the work of Zero Arashi Uchiha and midnightlost will help you
7/18 c11 burnnotice
so how will the Fire Daimyo meet his end?
7/17 c1 James
Years later i still find myself back at this story. i would appreciate it if you could post an update on if the story is full abandoned or just lost interest or if you have more chapters and just never posted them. Anything to at least bring an end to this story's legacy would be greatly welcomed!
7/16 c1 Jacd9
Van a seguir actualizando la historia?
Me gustaría leer más caps por favor
5/23 c11 DracoKing30
Really like this story can't wait for new chapters
4/9 c11 atengawchok
Is this fic still alive? Like more chapters please.
3/14 c10 Guest
One thing I never understood is if the diaymo likes the uchiha, WHY IS HE OKAY WITH KILLING OFF THE CLAN? Sasuke is next to NOTHING, but they already had DOZENS if not HUNDREDS of uchiha, and they KILLED THEM OFF! If they weren't "worthy" back then, then just ONE isn't now! Also looks like it's time for the diamyo to die as well huh? Well good timing for it, during the chaos, with the old monkey getting "un-alived" with the old toad, kabuto, and many others... It IS the perfect time.

As for the hyuuga elders... Can they REALLY be that stupid? "we will break into the senju compound"..etc... Why would the hokage MENTION something, they didn't even know existed? If it wasn't A TRAP? Wouldn't she have just brought it out before now, or after and shattered their "powerbase" out of nowhere? Why would she say EXACTLY the thing to get them going AND THEN tell them exactly where it supposedly is? UNLESS it was a very obvious trap? I realize they are YET ANOTHER "bad guy", but come on, they had to be marginally competent to LIVE to "elder age" didn't they?
3/14 c8 Guest
So Naruto can ROT anything he touches or anything that touches him and Neji seems to think it's a GOOD idea to hit him with his bare hands? Um... That's not just foolish, that's non-sense.. He'll rot when he touches him! For heaven's sake they ALL should know this... It's BEEN MONTHS! And kiba and sasuke? Were they in some kind of mystic BUBBLE for all these months? Memory problems? Also doesn't the uchiha KNOW (as does everybody) that Itachi was ORDERED to kill all the uchiha? That's common knowledge now. All these people are acting like the first 7 chapters never happened.
3/13 c5 Guest
Why didn't tsunade just tell kurenai that one of her team was a potential rapist and had his eyes set on hinata? That it's being done for Hinata's protection... Considering how she feels about those types, I HIGHLY doubt she'd have a problem not getting the team then... ROFL Heck she'd probably kill kiba herself..., Seems like a lot of added drama that really doesn't need to be there... When one simple line of dialogue could solve the whole thing.

"It would just make Tazuna think that Konoha had disorganized Shinobi".? IT IS a disorganized mess! It's more fractured then a busted mirror! It is a multi-headed hydra that each head speaks with a different voice and agenda...and just about ALL of them are blind. So basically konoha IS INDEED "filled to the brim with incompetent shinobi"... (your words, that they are TRYING to hide from clients). So apparently the hollow king didn't do even CLOSE to enough damage, to fix the village... *sigh*
3/12 c5 Guest
"unclear" yeah that seems to be all their plans... He's supposed to be powerful enough to defeat ALL enemies... BUT he has to weak enough to be controlled (so weak enough, that below them, when THEY couldn't defeat their enemies before).. An Uchiha that is SUDDENLY relevant but an entire CLAN of them (with mulitiple people all having the sharringan) was NOT important (because they were killed)...Naruto has the power "over life and death"... but they somehow think he can die? So they can dissect him, to NEVER die?... Are u seeing all the logical inconsistencies? "being bad" doesn't mean absolutely BRAIN DEAD..They should understand BASIC LOGIC.
3/12 c5 DarkHunter10
Wouldn't the Akatsuki be MORE spiteful toward KONOHA? I mean it's kinda ALL THEIR FAULT their plan can't happen... So even more then going against naruto.. Shouldn't the TARGET be the village? And "extract his power" NOBODY EVEN HAS A CLUE WHAT POWER IS.. How could they POSSIBLY "extract" it? It's "monkeys with sticks trying to understand a warp drive"! Pein goes "shinra tensei" and naruto appears behind him and rots the dead body to ash... UTTERLY ridicules. Kisame's sword eats chakra.. Naruto DOESN'T EVEN USE chakra... Danzo already PROVED the sharringan means NOTHING to naruto and is utterly useless against him.. so there goes itachi and obit... Puppet man? SHATTER HIM or just rot him to nothing at all... Zombie duo?.. As the LORD of the Dead? That's LAUGHABLE... SO he COMMANDS them.. So who's left? Pein? The guy who uses (again) dead people to interact with the world? So naruto goes somewhere and rots the cripple. -Real threat-
3/12 c11 Guest
Well, really is that enough for the uchiha?.. I mean honestly? Even in CANON madara turns traitor, the clan does later, Itachi BASICALLY does after naruto, and then sasuke... HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU NEED TO GET BURNED?... Seriously it's idiotic... just END THE LINE... Kill sasuke (who cares who likes him... Naruto is a GOD).. Itachi?... Well.. kill him too... "you fucked up"... and obit? (do I even need to say why he needs to die?) Wipe them all out.
3/12 c4 Guest
Actually, with Kiba, it's easy.. You gotta beat him on a FERAL, PRIMAL, way.. You want him to acknowledge him as "alpha"? Simple.. You have to BEAT him... REALLY, TRULY BEAT HIM... Not "knock him out", make him aware, that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING he can do against naruto and that he was "bad" for even trying...If he's animalistic... Then he'll get it WAY before anyone in konoha.. And "bare his throat"... That's ULTIMATE submission... After that point? It won't matter if kiba thinks with his prick... He won't even "see" Hinata.
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