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for Why Does it Have to Be?

12/31/2012 c1 2Sevre
Quite enjoyable! Very nicely done and a fun read at the same time.

You really did well with the way you portrayed their characters.
12/30/2012 c1 261Evil Cosmic Triplets
I most definitely like this story. Thank you. I like how reticent and worried Snape is, and how open and carefree Lupin is about what's happening between them.

The ending works very well. I quite agree with Severus' assessment about how a long term relationship with Remus (for Severus) is a pleasant idea.

In particular, I like how Remus says that what they've got isn't a disease (so many people still seem to treat homosexuality as such).

I also like this paragraph:"'No, listen. Why do we have to define this as something? Why do you want to put a label on it? Why are you worried about others putting a label on it?' Lupin was getting increasingly close to Snape and the potions master couldn't deny the fact it was wanted warmth, a needed one. 'Neither of us planned this- knew it would happen. I may be bent but I can say I never planned on shagging you. Or really anyone from Hogwarts. But it happened. And it was good. Damn good. Do you really think something like that could be summed up in words.'"

Nicely done.

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