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19h c11 NickChick22
So thankful I came across this gem, even if I'm 6 years late to the party. I'll definitely look for more of your work to read! I absolutely loved the complexity you gave this story, but also how the characters grew and conformed over time. Always, happy writing!:)
9/1 c11 NamiBuni
gosh darn i cried so hard lmaooo
8/3 c11 santoskamilla.14
Simplesmente incrível! O enredo, o crescimento dos personagens e como você abordou: perfeito
7/1 c11 Patty
I'm sorry it's too late for me to vote for this wonderful story.
6/20 c10 SassYNoleS
Thanks for sharing !

From start to finish it was a fabulous read !
6/15 c10 pengirl25
This was very different and definitely one of the rudest, meanest bastard Edward I’ve ever read, but I enjoyed the ride. It was hard to read at times, he was just so vile. But you put them through an interesting journey. Thank you for sharing this vision of yours with us :)
5/23 c10 x AnneCullen x
Wonderful story. It was heartbreaking but I loved how they found their way back to each other and finally found the happiness they deserved.
4/22 c10 BELAVERA
Not only was there a HEA in the previous chapter, but the adventure continues! Thank you for working your way through this tale. Thank you for giving the baby a decent name. also...
4/22 c9 BELAVERA
I cried too much in the beginning to leave a review. I'm very happy that it turned out to be a HEA when they got back together. Although I have never been divorced (I have been married to my husband for over fifty years), each one of my three siblings has gone through the process. some of them two or three times. I have come to the conclusion that it would kill me. l
6/20/2018 c9 12archy12
Oh, that was quick! :)
I am not in favor of making anyone suffer. I am just surprised Edward proposed so soon!
6/20/2018 c8 archy12
Wow, E2 and E3...it's hard to decide when one comes out!
I guess Edward should have been told the whole truth right in the beginning, but Bella wasn't in a good place herself, and his therapist suggested it, so...
Edward seems quite determined to get them back together. :)
6/20/2018 c7 archy12
Okay, so now Edward has the whole story, even if there are gaps in his memory.
I wonder if he has started practicing again as a doctor?
6/20/2018 c6 archy12
Oh yes, 'Departures' is a very good story!
Seems Edward has regained some of his memory.
6/20/2018 c5 archy12
Didn't Jenks tell him the date of wedding? Who the hell gets married in a coma anyway?
Soo, this is the lowest point. Good Bella had her say before she left!
6/20/2018 c4 archy12
But...wouldn't Bella have to inform Edward that she was divorcing him? Or did she plan to be tied to him all her life? I know that it won't come to it, but what was her plan in the current circumstances?
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