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for Sky God of the Leaf

7/13/2017 c3 oneoddtodd
Looking forward to reading your next chapter keep up the good work man!
8/31/2014 c3 1KingLoitl
update please
6/26/2014 c3 naruto-phenex
muito bom comtinua
6/7/2014 c2 Guest
Plz update sun of archer
6/3/2014 c3 4HalfwayParanoid
May the winds of creativity be with you and prevail over writers block.
Please update soon, this is surprisingly good.
5/23/2014 c3 34ForgivenL
Wow... amazing story!
5/20/2014 c3 Giist
nice story, hope you update soon
5/18/2014 c3
Huhuhuhu... can you write more? it's like 1 chapter every 5 months :(
5/17/2014 c3 Blood D. Cherry
next bro. update as fast as possible
5/17/2014 c3 10ultima-owner
those zombies are cool
5/17/2014 c3 SPark681
Oh boy Naruto is in for one heck of a fight now anyways keep up the great work!
5/17/2014 c3 14Anon-Echo98
Holy c**p. I wonder how will Naruto deal with Oars and the mastermind behind these zombies?
5/17/2014 c3 holtjustin04
So sad but holds spice to the story bug will naruto return her feelings when she gets back hmmmmm
Or will there be another girl that catches his eye or the other way around
1/12/2014 c2 guest
Really good plot so far looking forward to more chapters. update soon please
Awesome story
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