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2/8/2013 c8 Rosetoast
Happpppppy :)
2/8/2013 c8 Glee4ever123
So cute! I can just picture her running up all those steps and going in so many doors like ETF! Diva was good. I will always wish brittana would be together but I'm hoping that they will be together. I wanted bram to breakup in diva but if they had I feel like Santana wouldn't have gone to NY. So now I'm praying that bram won't last long. It's so obvious that Brittany is still in love with her. Sam just doesn't want to be wrong. Maybe he won't leave Lima cuz he sucks in school then she can move to NY with Santana and they can get back together. The only problem is the distance. Once that's not in the way they r perfect for each other. I wish u could write glee cuz I'm loving this fic. The way u wrote britt being possessive was so hot. U can see its not a bad kind of possessive cuz it's out of love. She would do anything to make Santana happy. Can't wait for more!
1/28/2013 c7 LifeIsWanky
Great chapter as usual and I want Sugar!
1/28/2013 c7 4leilamiranda
LOL Mama Pierce. But oh, Santana. Going from one possessive person to the next. It's nice to be treated like a "trophy" and something to be proud of once in a while but it sucks when that's all you are to them. I hope Brittany will abandon whatever plan she has altogether and just be genuine for once.
1/28/2013 c7 4lexiepuckerman
Sooooo great as usual and sugar!. P.s. i loved brittanys mom mentioning that time she was rubbing one out in bed, and fell that must have been embarassing;)
1/28/2013 c7 Taradise
Mike 100%
1/27/2013 c7 Brittanalover2499
Haha thanks for the twist :) And yeah I guess that a bubbly Brittana relationship would be nice with what is going on in the real glee :( but yeah great update! It really fixes my broken Brittana heart :) and once again I vote (for the now gay) mike Bassas Chang! :)

1/27/2013 c7 SwaggSurfer
Can't wait for the next update this story is getting good keep it up!
1/27/2013 c7 Guest
this whole chapter made no sense .
1/27/2013 c7 43Phoenix2312
SUGAR! Good writing, I don't love this chapter... too much angst. But overall I like the story. Please get to the happy stuff very VERY soon :)
1/27/2013 c7 Glee4ever123
Eww I hate Sam. I wish britt didn't say what she did but anyone would have flipped out if they saw that. Especially after what Sam said. I hope she changes we mind in time cuz I really don't want to see Santana kiss Sam at all not even once. What made no sense was she got mad at britt for treating her like property but Sam said he can't wait to tell everyone she was his. I hope he turns out to be a douche and britt defends her or something. I could see Sam bragging that he's gonna get with Santana after there date to britt to make her mad. Britt freaks out and defends Santana saying stuff like she's amazing beautiful and too good or him and stuff. Santana hears all that and tells Sam to fuck off and gives britt another chance. That's what I hope happens. Or something that leads to them getting back together before she goes out with Sam.
1/27/2013 c7 Guest
Ok first off, why would Santana walk to school hand in hand with a boy who obviously likes her and expect Brittany OR Sam to think only of it as friendship or as a way of thanks? Santana couldn't be that clueless and she only fueled Sam's hope at getting her.
Second, she says she was falling for Britt but wants to date Sam instead cause of one little fight with Brittany. Cause Sam's sweet and romantic even though she's totally in love with Britt, I don't really get it. How fickle. It seems like Santana can't decide who to choose between the two of them. If she really was in love with Britt, there shouldn't be an hesitation on her part. Or at least she could have chosen to go single instead of jumping on a date with someone.
1/27/2013 c7 R
1/27/2013 c7 Guest
Ihate ur fic... Everytime Brittany does something very bad ... Santana never does anything to make Brit not like her anymore.. Everytime she has to chase Santana... Wish I had never read this... It's like everyone is in Santana 's side.. And she even says Sam is nice.. I hate everyone in ur Fic.. One moment their good. Then Brit does something bad, tries to apologize then does something worse than b4.. Smh
1/27/2013 c7 ValerieNaya94
I loved it :) But I don't like the angst :S Please let the next chapter be happy Brittana :D
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