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12/30/2015 c4 Samira Vongola
I expect updates soon
6/15/2014 c4 26Silversun XD
please update! XD
6/4/2013 c4 2grimmich
hahaha poo Oga, can't wait to see what happens next!
5/3/2013 c4 Guest
Please update soon! I really want to see where this fic goes!
4/15/2013 c4 ANYL -deleted
... You really do know how to scare me, Pinoylover101-san.

When i first read this update, i seriously started wondering when and how Kagome and Oga were already in a relationship (it's been ages since i last read your story after all)... Then i realised that it was just Oga's inner-mind theater. *facepalms*

I'm starting to lose track of the storyline, so I'd better re-read your story. Still, thanks for the update!

Stay golden!
2/9/2013 c3 Conitta
Me gusta mucho tu historia! ContinuaciĆ³n por favor! :DD
1/3/2013 c2 xXLunarRayneXx
this is good, cant wait till your next update
1/2/2013 c2 1secretsrsafehir
hahaha! great idea for a story! :) turning kagome into a demon? pure genius :3
1/2/2013 c2 ANYL -deleted
An update! (Happiness x2)

A FAST update! :DD (another x2)

The way the chapter looks... (a third x2!)

Reading this update after a tiring day at work! (another x2!)


So, my happiness level is at eight times its usual. Thanks so much for the update! It looks great and a lot easier to read now! XD

Gambatte! ;)

1/1/2013 c1 ANYL -deleted
Hello, pinoylover101-san!

I've got quite a sharp tongue and am quite naggy when it comes to fanfic structure, tenses and etc, so do bear with me.

Firstly, I'll give some good news. A very interesting cross-over you have here! I love the idea, although I originally thought that fem!Inuyasha was going to be the demon princess before reading the story. I can't wait for the story to progress!

Secondly, a great job at keeping the characters the way their creators made them to be. I could actually imagine Oga protesting right there and then, slacking on a bench in the park.

Thirdly, a short chapter's fine, as long as you update often. I'm a bad example, though. :P

Okay, let's get on with the constructive crititism! (Everyone: Hai!)

First and foremost, the one thing that got me a little riled up: the fact that your character's coversations are stuck together in a whole paragraph. I would suggest a new line for each conversation by a different person. I'll leave it up to you, though, because I told this to a fellow writer before but she ignored it.

Secondly, you could use more adjectives and details in your sentences. Perhaps a detail or action after 'Oga screamed', for example? (Sorry, that scene of him paling in horror's stuck in my head) another example: "What! She's here already." can be changed to "What? She's here already...?" to drag out Oga's line.

Thirdly, you could use more punctuation. Feel free to use more commas.

I think my review has gone long enough, hasn't it? Ain't that good for a first-time fanfic. Was I too strict...? ' '

Anyways, I wish you all the best, although I can't review often 'cause I've got a part-time job. Good luck nonetheless! Heering- gosh, a spelling mistake!- I mean, cheering for you always! ;)


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