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for The Blood Wards

5/5/2013 c6 Penelope
This was really good!
4/6/2013 c1 381Fire The Canon
I really liked the beginning of this, because you showed the side of Peter, which I think was truly there. He did have regrets about what he did (mostly, he did it out of fear) and I think you portrayed that really nicely.

It was rather short, but you covered a lot in the beginning, so that doesn't matter.

You ended it really nicely as well. Again, very Peter-ish.

Your writing was really good, and I only noticed one mistake, which was a typo anyway. I'll just point it out [Given enough time he could find away around it, or a way to remove it.]. I believe the first 'away' is supposed to be 'a way' as well.

Anyway, great start, I liked this! Well done :)

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