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for Killer Surprise

3/15/2017 c3 Natali Rempel Drews
I loved! I need more!
2/13/2013 c3 Guest
Interesting keep going I want to see where u go with this
2/10/2013 c3 29lizzabet
I like this plot! Please keep going
2/10/2013 c3 2paullyn6
Another fabulous,fantastic,magnificent,awesome,superb,marvelous,sensational,exciting,terrific and wonderfully written chapter as always by you. Oh no i hope Emily,her baby and Ellie all will be okay and i hope Derek and the team finds them soon to rescue them all okay.I cannot wait to read more as always and please update more when you can. Genius and masterful work by you as always,bravo and congrats to you on a very brilliant job by you like you always very much again for always sharing your very gifted talents with all of us.
1/9/2013 c2 19RealMe07
So phsyched for the next chapter! I wonder how the baby will be...omg! :O
1/9/2013 c2 2paullyn6
Another fantastic,awesome,gripping,terrific and wonderfully written chapter as always by you. It is great that Emily is pregnant to add to this beautiful can feel the love Ellie,Emily and Derek have for each other and both Emily and Derek are so happy Ellie is calling them Mom and Dad because they both feel that Ellie is their daughter no matter if not by blood and biology but by the hearts.I am anxious to see Derek reaction when he finds out that she is pregnant as i am sure he will be very happy and excited. Oh no Flynn and Doyle coming to their house and Derek is not home. I hope Emily and Ellie both will be okay and i cannot wait to read more as always to see what happens next. Please update when you are able to.
1/3/2013 c1 Mmmoliveira
This was sweet *-*
i just hope you don't hurt Emily, she always are the one who gets hurt...
1/1/2013 c1 19RealMe07
I love this! I'm so excited for the next chapter!
1/1/2013 c1 theamazingmind79
please update soon
1/1/2013 c1 2paullyn6
Another terrific,wonderful,fabulous and superb story as always by you . I love this story so very much just like all of your stories so very equally. I am glad that Derek and Emily are engaged to be married and they adopt Ellie, i always love her on the show. It is so sweet and touching Ellie wants to call Derek and Emily ,dad and mom ,they love each other just like they were biologically related as we all know blood does not make a family it is always the heart and they all love each other so looks like Emily might be pregnant because she is throwing up alot that is usually the case. I hope she is pregnant that would be great addition to this beautiful wait to read more as always and please update when you can.
1/1/2013 c1 tashak
Oh I like it so far looking foward to seeing where you go with this . Update soon

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