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3/22/2017 c12 MilandaAnza
This entire series was quite cute and I enjoyed it immensely though It's a shame wade didn't keep drakkens original notes for more babies. I also wonder if Kara got powers
11/6/2015 c12 Buddy5647
Great story, nice ending. No cliffhanging or anything strange. Thanks
11/6/2015 c11 Buddy5647
11/6/2015 c10 Buddy5647
I don't understand the problem. Kim always does the jobs GJ can't. And they use guns and stuff, too. She should have toldGJ to F off a long time ago.
11/6/2015 c9 Buddy5647
Uh oh, Somebody's in big trouble mister! Taps for Dementor
11/6/2015 c8 Buddy5647
Shocking bit of clear thinking by Drakken. Too bad he may be dead soon. But that's more likely to be dementor, yes?
11/6/2015 c7 Buddy5647
I figure a writer is doing a good job when I get pissed at the characters for being stupid, not the writer for writing them stupid. I was pissed at K a nd S last chapter.
11/6/2015 c6 Buddy5647
It's right, I mean fight along with Shenas stupid philosophy of never telling anybody anything, by why the panic a being all scared thoughtless? What could she think was gonna happen? It was a weird accident. Aargh
11/6/2015 c5 Buddy5647
Something bad IS about to happen, yes? And not just a building collapse
11/6/2015 c3 Buddy5647
You know what's gonna happen, why you asking me?
11/6/2015 c2 Buddy5647
Getting right at it. Good
11/6/2015 c1 Buddy5647
Kim probably not go back w/out shena, neither will move until Drakken does(I'm assuming right about wedding time
5/2/2015 c4 Buddy5647
Two mad scientists, Clone making stuff and no DNA thefts, a death trap with no deaths, but bloody cuts. And nobody even STARTS to think what may be going on. Really, Kim has always ben stupid, but an ex villain should at least have an itchy feeling at the back of her neck that says "injun trouble"
8/2/2014 c12 13SowaCwaniak
Short but funny. I did enjoy the plot twists and Kim going all deadly and serious. It actually was very realistic. We'd do the same thing in her place :) I hope you'll keep up the good work.
Take care
1/2/2014 c12 3Aceina
make anotehr sequel
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