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12/22/2013 c5 sanekittens
12/22/2013 c2 sanekittens
oh yay!
10/13/2013 c9 14Guntherson962
Dementor should have listened to Drakken, cause hells about to freeze over.
4/28/2013 c12 tuxjim
Well, I have now read "Always", "Everything" and "And Forever" and all I can say is that all three have touched my heart and put themselves (and you, as their author) in a special place in my 'reading list'...one that you alone are holding at the moment - that of "Absolutely Favorite - Read Before ANYthing Else".

I plan on going to your profile and reading down the list a story at a time, starting with the sequel to these three stories. I'm curious as to how you are going to handle Kara and how she grows up with the pair of mothers ("Mom" and "Mother") that she has. I might have suggested a 'naming' device that I've read in some other stories where two women manage to have a child (by magic, DNA splicing or whatever) - "Mom" would be for the woman that carried the child, and the other woman would be "Mommy". Or any one of several other cdonventions that I've read in stories involving as child (natural or adopted) and a lesbian couple, including one woman being "-Pappa" and the other being "-Mama".

And, if I find that you actually haven't written the follow-up story yet, no biggie...I'll just add you to my 'follow' list and read the others in the meantime.

Thank you for three days (not necessarily consecutively) of enjoyment and entertainment... as well as a good look into the relationship between Kim and Shena.

Ja ne for now.

1/13/2013 c12 8Reon-D-Anibis
I enjoyed the story
KP the Punisher...
1/8/2013 c12 2Kigo4evR
This was the most awesome fanfic ever read! You should so totally write a Kara fanfic!
1/6/2013 c10 Guest
Aw yea, that's my Kimmi that XD
1/7/2013 c12 25DarkDarsi
Yay! Fantastically Brilliant Story With A Great Ending!
*Sob Sob* Final Chapter Means It's Ended.
*LIGHTBULB!* Hey, Why Don't You Start Writing Kara's Adventures?
Or Not, This Is A Satisfying End.
1/7/2013 c12 217Goth Albino Angel
It would explain something if Kara had a crush on the girl she'd been fighting. That would be a future fic type thing though wouldn't it? Either way, woohoo! And I bet she's the cutest thing ever.
1/7/2013 c12 40Concolor44
And a wonderful, rollicking, ultimately satisfying read it was! This goes straight into Favorites.

Carmen Dego ... should that name carry any significance for the reader? As in, am I missing something? Some inside joke? Let me know, please.

And thank you again for a great story!
1/7/2013 c10 Concolor44
I'll bet this chapter was fun to write! Woohoo! THAT'S what happens when Kim really cuts loose! Spankin'! I don't believe I've ever seen a message sent quite so ... thoroughly.

You go, girl!
1/7/2013 c12 1Zabon95
I probably better get workin on the one-shot now ;)
1/7/2013 c12 5Jay aka Jordan
Lmao they prolly do lik each other and whenever she says mother I imagine Bambi sayn it lol
1/7/2013 c11 Jay aka Jordan
That was so hectic and good and I would've killed him 2
1/6/2013 c11 1Zabon95
Tur att allting går åt det lyckliga hållet ;D
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