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1/5/2013 c7 5Jay aka Jordan
This was soo good and drakken and dementor are lovers lol
1/5/2013 c7 8DragoLord19D
I say... Carmen?

*Smacks Kim & Shena*

1/5/2013 c7 1Zabon95
Yay, awesomenes!
1/4/2013 c6 40Concolor44
I - Shena did something stupid by not telling Kim right away. She knew that. Being scared is no excuse.

II - Kim did something stupid by not staying with Shena and talking it out THEN, since Shena was very obviously devastated by the whole experience and needed support. Being surprised and hurt is no excuse.

Two "stupids" do not add up to a "wise". In fact stupid plus stupid equals stupid squared (kinda like exponentials). They need to get back together as soon as possible and talk until there is nothing left to say. Being apart merely hurts them both more, and it isn't necessary.
1/3/2013 c6 5Jay aka Jordan
Damn the end got me a little and shego dumbass move never keep secrets from a woman espically Kim Possible
1/3/2013 c6 1Zabon95
Oh god... The emotions, they are overflowing
1/3/2013 c6 217Goth Albino Angel
I totally knew, as soon as it said Shena was queasy and that Wade's scan didn't pick up anything, that she was pregnantt. In another story, Tangled Up in Green I believe, it also said that Wade's scan didn't pick up anything. Ooh! This is so sad! Poor Shena, but Ann did try to warn her. And poor Kim, she doesn't know what to think. How will they come on.

Also, when it said here, at the end, when Shena turned on the lamp that she froze, a chill ran down my spine for half a second before I realized that she wasn't in danger. Even if that wasn't what you were going for, still a good job on that.
1/3/2013 c6 8DragoLord19D
Dang it Shego, you stupid...
1/3/2013 c5 DragoLord19D
Kasy Ann and Sheki IN DA HOUSE!

(That's what I think should happen anyway...)
1/3/2013 c5 40Concolor44
I'm not so much worried about Questions 1 and 2, but I AM very put out that Shena got tagged with that vial of stuff. Your hint ("devastating consequences") doesn't give me any warm fuzzy feelings.
1/3/2013 c5 5Jay aka Jordan
That title sounds so depressing
1/3/2013 c5 1Zabon95
1/2/2013 c5 217Goth Albino Angel
Holy crap, I actually thoug Bonnie and Ron were having sex til cords came up. Aye, these guys are really starting to bug me! But I guess you can't call yourself a supergenius if you never learn anything. Aw man, stabilized DNA... shit! Electrical field coupled with stabilized DNA! Shena's not going to end up like Kim is she? I hope not... either way, I can't wait for what happens next. See you tomorrow!
1/2/2013 c4 Goth Albino Angel
Shoot! They got the DNA! At least Shena's suspicious. That's a relief. I can't wait for chapter five. And I wonder if this partnership between Demented and Drakkonian will last... something to ponder on later I guess. I liked the chapter!
1/2/2013 c4 40Concolor44
Obviously that was not a trap. It was a DNA collector.

Dementor's point about controlling the clones may or may not have any validity. Time will tell. Personally, I think he's going to have an army of tigers by the tail, and he won't enjoy it much.
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