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1/2/2013 c4 5Jay aka Jordan
They are going to make Kim and shegos baby lol
1/2/2013 c4 1Zabon95
Loved it
1/2/2013 c3 Zabon95
Awesome as always
1/2/2013 c3 217Goth Albino Angel
Holy chizz. They wanna clone Kim and Shego! And possibly Ron! Ohh man, when Shena finds out, even if it is too late, she's gonna kick Drakken's ascot so hard he'll dung sideways!
1/2/2013 c3 40Concolor44
Maybe he wants to COMBINE their DNA for his clones. That would be something to see.

What I wonder is just exactly how he plans to CONTROL his army of clones. Both women are very much free-thinkers who will not simply follow orders in lock-step. This should be interesting.
1/2/2013 c3 5Jay aka Jordan
This is getting crazy
1/1/2013 c2 217Goth Albino Angel
Excuse my language. HELL yeah! I love this new Team Possible! It's like, KILLER awesome! And Professor Dementor hasn't changed.
1/1/2013 c1 Goth Albino Angel
Well, that was a nice little famiily reunion. And totally knew Bonnie and Ron would start dating. I'm actually glad I read Everything after Anything. Now, that bit about Drakken ranting to the point of people wanting to hurt him... totally believable. But I want to see his plan to get out.
1/1/2013 c2 40Concolor44
Heeheehee! Betty got more than she'd bargained for. That should help her sleep nights.
1/1/2013 c1 Concolor44
If Drakken gets out of prison, it may FORCE the issue of whether or not Kim will go back to working with GJ. That would depend upon the sort of evil team he's able to build. But going up against Kim AND Shena might be, as the saying goes, a "career-limiting move". I guess you'll clue us in sooner or later.
1/1/2013 c2 5Jay aka Jordan
This is awesome
1/1/2013 c1 Jay aka Jordan
Omg yes ! And is Rufus around ?
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