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9/2/2017 c20 1Haruka2007
Lovely ending to a great story! :)
11/22/2016 c20 Andrea
It was so, so wonderful. What a bliss to read! Thank you!
7/21/2016 c20 Guest
Holy fuck that en ending was so perfect! Ugh this fic is amazing, loved the exploration of both their psyches and the move to modern US is probably the best I've seen, although it was very good guys vs baddies, it didn't feel forced. Also I freaking LOVED Melissa, Dave, and Stan omg
12/16/2015 c20 Brittany
Love it! Love, love, LOVE this story! Sad to see it end but it was such a sweet ending I can't complain :')
11/1/2015 c20 foreverpaintedsoul
So good, beautifully written, wonderful job :)
10/28/2015 c20 LittleMissAbigail
Oh, I'm dying. This story was amazing and that ending was perfect. You've officially killed me. Oh my god. I feel like I've read all the decent SanSan fanfiction on the planet then I go and find this beauty. God, I'm so glad I clicked on that link. Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous story!
4/2/2015 c20 yahcodee
This is perfect, thank you.
10/9/2014 c20 3rdstarksistr
Loved this story! The swimming mornings were great, the Xander convo made me laugh so hard. Baelish is so creepy and manipulative and i think you planned the plot out really well. Great how Stannis is such a control freak. I love the ending, very sweet and I felt the whole was very IC and think making Sansa find her own strength is a great character development to bring out. Thanks for sharing!
8/6/2014 c20 48bye123456789
dflgkhailfhoid This was so amazing I can't?
I blew through this entire thing in a sitting and wowowowow
I love the way the AU worked
The whole Sansa v. Alayne thing was built up beautifully - like wow Sansa's character arc and development was fantastic. Sandor too.
and ofc Sansa and Sandor together light fireworks everywhere and uuuuughhh
And the ending line of *Look at me* was so absolutely perfect
Sorry this review was kind of incoherent but this fic was amazing
8/3/2014 c20 TropicOfCancer
Beautiful. Thanks for sharing :)
7/26/2014 c20 gardenofeden02
It was so good and cute! Oh my gosh!
5/19/2014 c20 1bella526
Such a sweet ending to a really nice fic Great job! :)
4/17/2014 c20 Marya Guest
Oh, I loved that ending! And when she found the box there was this twirling feeling in my stomach.
Well, I really enjoyed your story. Thank you so much for creating and sharing it!
12/18/2013 c20 KeikoHPfan
My favorite Sansa/Sandor story. Just perfect!
9/2/2013 c20 Stabbythings
I love this, this ship is so amazing and awe inspiring I love how you write them I just love it :) a lot. So much this is just brilliant and I love it. I'm in love with this and I could read it again I think but sleep is what sick people should be doing I suppose, but I love it so much this story is great.
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