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for Where I Belong: One Year Later

9/10/2019 c4 castle2126
It's a great story. But seriously why should Castle be everyone's butt of jokes. If you hurt Kate I would do this and that, it shows that after all those years he never became friends with them they are his friends till he is in contact with Backett. And Castle is a very grown ass man he has a highly successful novelist career starting at the stage where everyone doesn't know what they will do with their life and he raised a daughter alone when he didn't had a father and not a very good relationship with her mother. He was always a lonely boy. And when he joined precinct their solving rate goes up that show that how much he capable of. But still due to lack of respect that your character show in the story regarding Castle is SHAME.
8/29/2018 c16 ksatan624
I soaked in their happiness throughout this fiction ; It was so pleasant to read. Thank you
2/10/2016 c16 SeannysMom
What a honeymoon ! This story was so enjoyable to read. They are so cute ! Thank you
10/22/2015 c5 Chacha
WOW! No words to discribe this chapter. Hot! Very hot!
11/18/2014 c16 life's a mystery
great story, I hope there is a sequel and pregnancy would be great :)
9/14/2014 c1 Steve n Karen k
Where in the $&!? Is the original fic "Where I Belong"?!
There is no reason to have "one year later" posted up if the first one is gone!
Please repost where I belong so we can read the complete story.

Thanks Steve and Karen K
8/11/2014 c16 FDWojo
Excuse me. Why do you have the sequel of a story here that you have deleted. I can't find WHERE I BELONG anywhere on the site. It's not listed under your name and I can't find it listed under any other name. True, I've heard of people who delete their stories before, but it's weird to see the original gone and the sequel still here. Where is the original WHERE I BELONG?

Can you repost it? Did you accidentally delete it?

3/28/2014 c16 MaineZoe
This continuation to "Where I Belong" was absolutely amazing! Great job! I hope you continue this with a sequel with their future children...hint, hint :)
1/29/2014 c3 Guest
You make me cry
1/10/2014 c15 Guest
This is what I call writing : a second run of "War and Peace". Lanie once again... now in full battle form(s) and colours, her mind in first gear, prepared for anything, and taking care of her attacking force. Why did Kate have to wear a skirt and why the "The Old Haunt"? Knowing her girl well enough to be convinced that if she takes her to Castle second home(on an all girls night?) Kate would dress to kill, showing off her secret weapons as her endless ...and no space for a Glock :
1/5/2014 c12 sharrya
After Kate wakes up in the plane from Italy and talks about her mother's pearls
"I was mumbling about it my sleep" . You have to wake up, Kate and you, first of all write her IN her sleep...
First Class seats : and Kate falling asleep on Rick's shoulder, must be rather difficult with those wide armrests...
OK let her couple get home, and I'll stop complaining... harry
1/5/2014 c11 sharrya
"I am not play strip poker with you Castle"
This of course is the ideal solution if you are not quite sure to use either "I will not play" or "I do not play". Just pick something completely impossible "I am not play...", and act as if Stana/Kate just returned from a family visit in Croatia. If she would be coming from Canada, she could be calling mush! or mushy...
1/5/2014 c8 sharrya
again a nice tale of happiness. What I specially like is Kate's reaction to Rick's "Sneaky woman!". "A girl 's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do!", yes, yes, we know:
keeping at least one eye locked on writer-boy.
You know a great trick to get completely in the atmosphere: open 2 more sites : the official Uffizi site ( ) and take a walk through the streets of Florence by Google Street View.
The only negative point for me is : it is all so mushy,... I know :they are on honeymoon... All the time I am just hoping that at least one hot blooded Italian pinches Kate's bottom( you are probably are thinking, 'who was talking of sublimation?') , or in tourist Italy, lots of pickpockets. And WHAM, back is my favourite detective... grasps his wrist, arm lock, behind his back, smashes him against a wall... Give the girl a bit of real action... and I do not mean your preferred, steamy variation. Two weeks of your treatment, and the two of you together: is really not fair, and then back to the scumbags of New York, you will see it, they will trample her. I will give one example of Kate's disappearing sharpness :
Rick, author-artist, talks about Di Vinci, and poor, mushy Kate, brains all steamed up, does not even react... And remember she is only end chapter 8, halfway...
1/4/2014 c5 sharrya
suz, who said something of B writer, this A, lyrical. Is this your Song of Songs? great stuff... harry
1/4/2014 c4 sharrya
I expected - and got it - this nicely, mushy ideal marriage by the two of you. Hey, you even gagged the boys and turned them into "really good behaving boys". The only thing that gave somewhat stress... when Sir arrived. Even Bates was nice, but still "Sir". good writing anyway... harry
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