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5/13/2018 c1 Guest
Amazing! Tarkin is my favorite Star Wars villain and you got his inner thoughts exactly how I imagined them... Well done!
4/4/2014 c1 m
6/4/2013 c1 Malek
Utterly awesome. Tarkin is one of my all time favs. Epic piece!
4/30/2013 c1 47Hoplite39
Oh my God. It all makes complete sense. Grand Moff Tarkin is right. What has Skywalker done?

But seriously, this is a great peace convincingly stating the philosophy of the Empire. Only the strong can lead and the rest must follow. And like all tyrants, Tarkington believes in his own right to rule. And in the only rule of Empire: Right is right. Where there is only one true virtue: Expedience.
1/21/2013 c1 30Unlimited Power
Tarkin comes off here more of a fanatic and ironically, an idealist (despite the fact that he despises those). He's an idealist of the worst kind - the one who would do anything to make his ideals a reality.

He's also a megalomaniac - that's why I loved it when Vader shook his demeanor in the movie.

I think you wrote Tarkin's thought process very well. He totally misses the fact of life that what people fear they would also try to kill.
1/8/2013 c1 6Darth Lawyer
Oh, creepy. I get a definite Nazi vibe from this. But it's not out of place since the Empire was in part inspired by Nazi Germany, according to the book "Star Wars and History".
1/7/2013 c1 9AshlaTi
A well written account of a vile under-represented character here on fanfic
1/3/2013 c1 somerandomdude
That was awesome!

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