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9/24 c32 E14
Ah, so /that's/ why Izanami was so needlessly antagonistic during her fight and the events leading up to it; she was deliberately playing it up!
9/23 c14 3Emeraldfireblade
This is my absolute favorite Persona story. I'm 10 chapters in and I just can't stop.
9/21 c42 E14
Ah, Kagutsuchi. I was thinking Muramasa, but that works too.

It's worth noting that Kagutsuchi is the patron deity of blacksmiths. (And ceramic workers)
9/20 c1 5074
wait no doesn't she have psychic powers or something

that's probably why
9/17 c50 5074
See? Told you I'd get around to it eventually.

A Fate/Persona crossover, huh? You don't see many of those, but I always thought it could work, and you've certainly done a pretty good job of proving me right. Though it's probably just me, I always felt like the two franchises were pretty similar in certain ways, namely the way they (well, mostly Persona 4) enjoy deconstructing their characters. The main difference is that P4 ultimately has a positive outlook on the whole thing, encouraging the characters to grow as people, while Fate just kinda goes "wow, this person's pretty fucked up" and leaves it at that. (That's my interpretation, anyway.)

That's one of the reasons I'm so excited to see where this story's going; I want to see how our resident Fool will actually grow and develop as a person, given that friendship and character development are now the literal sources of his power. I can't say I know who he'll become, but at the very least...I hope it's someone who can live with himself.

I'm also definitely enjoying seeing how Shirou deals with things in Yu's place, and I really like seeing how he bounces off P4's cast. One would think that only having to juggle give or take half of the canon Social Links would make maxing them out quickly much easier, but despite their similarities, Shirou clearly doesn't have Yu's social skills.

This is probably a relatively minor detail, but on another note, it's nice to see Shirou's powers develop naturally, rather than piggybacking off of Archer's skills via paradox mind link. The very nature of the Wild Card is starting from the bottom and slowly working your way up, and seeing that reflected in Shirou's slowly growing abilities is...I dunno, just nice to see, I guess.

Anyway, another thing I'm looking forward to is just seeing how the two franchise's respective power systems interact with each other. How exactly would Shirou's Reality Marble interact with his Personas, if at all? (I mean, he's already got that Trace Persona thing going on...) How would, say, Nyx or Universe Arcana Kotone stack up against Nasuverse powerhouses? And will Shirou's Personas finally help him cope with his comical weakness to mind control? (Eh, questions for later.)

(Oh, and speaking of Persona 3, with the addition of Nyx, the moon is now even more complicated. Great.)

Moving on, we finally get justice for Taiga! It's very exciting to see her step up and become the superpowered badass main character she was always meant to be, and that promise scene with Shirou was quite heartwarming. I also found her Shadow confrontation quite enjoyable. You have put a lot of thought into this, haven't you? I never would have read this much into her character. Finally, the IT gets some adult supervision! (Also, Philemon is a cheating bastard, but he gets a pass just this once.)

Speaking of superpowered badass, let's move on to the fight scenes!
They're good.
...look man, I ain't a professional critic, just take the compliment.

On a completely different subject, I like how you're portraying the P4 cast. Did I already say that? Whatever. They're very in character, and I enjoy how you're expanding on their personalities and interactions with the world, from having them develop friendships with each other without Shirou's input, to having them kinda take his place in interacting with the canon non-party member Social Links. I also find the slight Kanji/Naoto stuff rather heartwarming, and I've definitely been simultaneously laughing and cringing sympathetically at Yosuke's pain. Hang in there man, your time will come!

Speaking of Naoto, I found it rather refreshing that she's kind of taking the role of an actual authority figure here, rather than just immediately trusting the IT and becoming a member of the team. She's almost...I hesitate to use the word antagonistic, but...well, you know what I mean. Don't get me wrong though, I'm still looking forward to seeing the team complete at last, but that probably won't happen for a while. (Oh, she's going to Misaki? I'm sure that can only mean good things...)

Now, on to Teddie. You've certainly successfully portrayed his simultaneously innocent and perverted mindset quite well, and I'm rather interested to see how you seem to be expanding on his backstory. We know his general nature thanks to canon, but it seems like there's more to it this time around...and he has magecraft, plus knowledge on the Moonlit World, too? Interesting...

Finally, let's move on to the party member that I, oddly enough, find the most interesting: our old friend the Overcharging Fox, aka Tama. I'm probably just weird, but I think it's neat how you've taken a semi-minor character from P4 and made her into a fully-fledged party member, albeit a support one. And then there's her name...is she really one of *them*? And if so, how did she get here? Why can't she remember anything? And where did she get all those scars?

Speaking of shipping; shipping! Naturally, with Shirou and Yu's chick magnetism combined, no girl is safe. Not even Taiga, it seems. Hm...I've got one or two guesses as to who he's gonna end up with, but I think I'll keep them to myself. That's for way later down the line.

Well, with all this talk of characters, it'd be a shame not to mention the dynamic presences that are Shirou's Personas. Though I don't have much to say on the topic of their actual character, I have been spending some time imagining how exactly those in the Moonlit World would react to learning that a) the collective will of humanity is *much* more complicated than they originally thought, and b) it likes giving random muggle teenagers superpowers that would make your average magus flip a table. It amuses me.

And while we're on the topic of the collective unconscious, it would seem that our old pal Nyarly is now in charge of the Holy Grail War. This can only mean good things, I'm sure. (And where *did* Avenger end up? Eh, we'll probably find out eventually.) Well, if there's one thing I know for sure...the Fate cast is not ready for this. I don't think any of us are ready for this.

Now, for my final point, let's talk about the current arc. Namely, it's villain, Satsuki. I am both interested to see how you're gonna handle this, and rather worried for our heroes, namely Yosuke. His first actual girlfriend turning out to be a psycho vampire probably isn't gonna be good for his mental health, especially when he still hasn't really gotten over the death of Saki. Poor guy, I hope he'll be alright in the end.

Now, on to Satsuki herself. Oddly, it seems like she has some level of control over the TV World itself, perhaps due to the TV World having trouble processing her nonhuman mind? Her and Mitsuo's shared dungeon seems pretty glitchy and just kind of...off. Or maybe it's her eyes, I don't know. Anyway, I can't speak for how in-character she is, given that I have pretty limited knowledge of Tsukihime. (I'm probably not gonna get into it for...reasons.) But from what little I know, it seems like she used to be less crazy before fully succumbing to her vampiric nature, right? Well, she seems like she's shaping up to be a perfectly serviceable Disc One Final Boss, so...good job, I guess? I can't quite make heads or tails of her motivation, though...is it just, like, in a vampire's nature to seek world domination? I think that's in the lore somewhere, actually...

Regardless, it seems like she's one of the first people on the Nasuverse side to make proper contact with and start exploiting the Persona side. An outlier or the beginning of an ill-advised trend? Only time will tell, I guess. (Don't fuck with the collective psyche of humankind, people! ...Oh, who am I kidding they're totally gonna fuck with it.)

Well, I think that about wraps up this review! Damn this was long. I know this may have come off as kinda nonsensical, but I hope I managed to get my points across.
And, well, this is gonna come off as pretty cheesy, but...I can tell you've worked pretty hard on this, and have struggled with some aspects of it, but...for what it's worth from a stranger on the internet, I think you've done a pretty damn good job.
9/10 c50 17Rowan Seven
My apologies for how overdue this feedback is. Despite my terrible procrastination, I've greatly enjoyed reading these past two chapters, and I especially enjoyed your descriptions of the battle against Shadow Teddie. You did a great job describing where everyone was, where they moved, and what they were doing, and I also liked the sense of progression from previous battles. The Investigation Team is experienced now and are veterans at fighting shadows, and their tactics and dialogue reflected that. The character exploration of Teddie was compelling too; I don't know how closely it matches what was in the game since I didn't get that far in Persona 4, but it felt like a natural conflict and evolution for him, and the Tomahawk missile pun was funny in a cringe-worthy way. What you're doing with the villains in the castle is also quite interesting, and I can only speculate how Satsuki(?)'s attempts to manipulate Mitsuo into acquiring a Persona will make things worse (for who, though, remains to be seen). Thanks for sharing, and I wish you good luck with your writing and your other worthwhile endeavors.
9/7 c50 ArmorOfGeddon
I have never read a fic where Mitsuo accepts his Shadow and gains a Persona... Color me intrigued if Satsuki's gambit will pay off.
9/3 c50 KrowRyder21
Finally finished reading all 50 chapters after finding this story last week and I have to say I've enjoyed every bit of it, now I'm a bit sad having no more chapters left to read, but will wait patiently until the next update.
8/21 c50 Guest
Então, eu cheguei ao infame último capítulo lançado?
8/8 c50 Rialga
Nice and to the point! And loved the ending, haha. Can't remember if something like that happened in the game but it made for a good chuckle here.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
8/9 c50 evilstatistic19
Great chapter looking forward to the next one
8/9 c50 Peanutsaber
the fool's journey to become the world.

it's been stuck in my head for a long time now (no idea how many rereads I've done) and in persona 4 golden, yu actually faced his own "shadow".

in his case, he accepted that he didn't need the truth so long as he had his friends.

will shirou's be CG emiya or something similar? emiya I guess could be the inverted world...
8/8 c50 1NNathann
Teddie got his own Persona, and now he’s with the gang at Junes! Great chapter, and I love the fight against his Shadow!
8/8 c50 8Quathis
Different way, but still the same kind of insanity that P4 is known for. Throw in the Vampires and it is quite the boss battle coming up later. Until next time.
8/8 c50 Rider126
Arrogant bloodsucker, thinks she is so smart trying to brute force a Persona user, that is not how it works, I am hoping that it is not too much longer until she gets her just desserts.
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