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19h c53 Gilgamesh50
Great Chapter
9/24 c53 NotLeviathan
well... shit. wonder how Naoto will react. or Igor and the velvet room's opinion on vampires considering they are a corruption of humanity.

i can't wait to see how this goes next and how they overcome the hypnotism. sucks to be mitsuo.
9/20 c16 15Iron M. Writer
Someone has the knock some sense into Shirou’s head about the whole i will do everything alone attitude and knowing how Yosuke is and has stubborn and determined he can be the one to either do it or start the process
9/6 c53 Guest
Damn. Poor Yosuke. Things are getting real interesting. Dead Apostles are no joke and I wonder if Sachin has her Reality Marble or if Sion and Riesbyfe is also there.
8/22 c53 Guest
Wow. This chapter was amazing and things are seriously heating up. I really hope the next chapter does not take months. I hope you get someone to help you with writing because it is a shame if this story will stop one day and burn you out. Greatly appreciate your work and I hope for more in the future.
8/20 c26 Guest
I kind of wish Waver could also be involved in this entire mess as another investigation. Surprised the clocktower had not picked up on the issue and investigated. It'd be cool to see him interact as a sensible adult providing another voice of reason and mentor to Shirou. Plus him summoning a persona and watching it be potentially iskander in the form we all know and love would be cool (especially if persona can open the pathway to the throne of heroes).
8/21 c53 fray253
thanks for the chapter
8/20 c53 19Rialga
...Is it weird that I found the Investigation Team's reaction to Mitsuo's demise kind of annoying? Like, it took them a whole minute or two longer than it should have to learn that no, Satsuki is not in fact Mitsuo's sister and the like, despite it being made very clear they weren't related.

That said, glad to see her finally take center stage. I'm assuming she's grown a lot in skill since she became a Dead Apostle, if only in terms of using her new DA abilities in basic combat... come to think of it, if she has her Depletion Garden Reality Marble, I wonder what would happen if she used it in the TV world... would probably destabilize a section of it if it's allowed to spread out enough. Not that she may need to, given how effective her Mystic Eyes are against them, even Shirou!

Looking forward to the next chapter!
8/18 c53 Endrake
So the gang finally sees firsthand on the aspect that I was so excited to see in this crossover, Nasuverse's ruthlessness.
We have seen a bit of it before with Shirou encountering the dead body of the teacher, but now all of them have it displayed in full force right in front of them in the form of Mitsuo's death. Persona has dark aspects, but Nasuverse's level of it is downright terrifying.
While I am sure the gang is going to be shaken over this for some time, I do wonder if they're going to pick up how calm Shirou was compared to them when it happened, leading to him mentioning that it wasn't the first time he saw a dead body.
Overall it was a fantastic chapter to showcase the terrifying side in Nasuverse, and I am more than patient to wait for the next chapter.
8/19 c53 2Whieteyes1989
In canon he didn't die from the rejection, so she was wrong about that. Also I cannot wait till they ice that bitch.
8/19 c53 evilstatistic19
Good chapter looking forward to the next one. Unfortunately, heroes require power to back up their ideals. To quote a certain edgy motivator "Might controls everything. And without strength, you can not protect anything. Let alone yourself."
8/18 c53 ArmorOfGeddon
Ouch! The gang just discovered what it's like to be protag in the Nasuverse... You don't always get to save everyone!

Also, they are boned if this version of Satsuki can use Depletion Garden (canon Satsuki's Reality Marble). Or worse, if the author decides to make her a Tsuki:Re-style Dead Apostle with Idea Blood! Or if he decides to use that whole "Dead Apostles auto-counter anything wielded by humans, even Noble Phantasms" BS that was introduced in Strange Fake!
8/18 c53 Mikhail Sharon
Amazing. What a twist, what an ending!
8/18 c52 1DracoArtemisLeopin
Ah, was wondering when Satsuki would make her move. And now the team's got to deal With a Dead Apostle, also known as the Nasu-verse's physical manifestation of "f#$% you." And I imagine that the team won't be happy to hear after the fact that Satsuki is probably pretty weak by Dead Apostle standards.
8/18 c53 xXwolfsterXx644
Great chapter dude glad this got updated again definitely Can't wait for the next one
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