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for Fate: Reach Out

6/5 c46 Trong Phuc Nguyen
More chapter please!
6/5 c5 blazes207
yeah you got skills. Love this chapter
6/5 c4 blazes207
again love your idea
6/5 c3 blazes207
Love how you connect the dot
6/5 c2 blazes207
nice idea
6/5 c1 blazes207
love it thank you
5/24 c46 A Sleeping Moon
Goooooood~ let the power wankers dont decide your actions chief. Still poor saps are going to be disassembled thoroughly and completely XD.
5/24 c45 A Sleeping Moon
*slap* Sacchin is inside and the baggage she have might be due to 'thar' and she might have a much higher chance on not surviving her Shadow...

Anyways seems the detective will be dragged on the incident and this might be really bad or good depending if he insists on entering the TV World without a Persona to boot.
5/24 c44 A Sleeping Moon
Oi, oi, oi Sacchin... I know your edgy AF now that your a DA, but acting like Grail-kun is very bad...
5/23 c43 A Sleeping Moon
A wild Taiga arrived! And those words in a barely lucid Shirou is really suspicious...
5/23 c42 A Sleeping Moon
This is bad, man this is really bad. I don't really trust the ass pull Shirou just did cause it gives me the jeebies.
5/23 c41 A Sleeping Moon
Ah shit, Satsuki is interested. But I got the feeling she was more trying to lie low right now but given she's going to deal with an Eroge Protag chances are she would gravitate to Shirou like an asteroid caught by the Earth's gravity.
5/23 c40 A Sleeping Moon
Ok so this dungeon is for FABULOUS individuals only... Ill take it with a grain if salt...
5/23 c39 A Sleeping Moon
Ah shit, Sacchin is around. Shit baskets and it seems she has enough time on being a DA and sneaking around. She would be a troublesome opponent if she becomes one.

Is she perhaps in a rampage because there was no route she have on her side!?

Also dude... That freaking Midnight Channel dude... So much dude...
5/23 c38 A Sleeping Moon
Man dude must be really in cloud nine when he heard those words. Though it is highly suspicious so Ill take this with a grain if salt.
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