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10/9/2014 c7 goddragonking
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more updates soon and Really awesome story, can't wait to read more:)
1/22/2014 c7 Fl4mingTurd
I've just started getting into MLP and this is the first fan fic of it I have read. So far I like it.
1/15/2014 c7 21Rayen A. King
Kitsunes huh? Why do I have a feeling Chryssie's worry is not far off the mark on it going far too easily?
Waiting eagerly for more.
1/14/2014 c6 Rayen A. King
This is quite the fascinating story. I cannot wait for more
6/17/2013 c6 Dracorex16
A great chapter this was,Chrisylis finally tells the truth and she is accepted by the mane six. Hope to see more soon.
6/7/2013 c6 Cocksock Mcgee
Oh goodness, I don't think anyone could have set up a basis for a genuine romantic relationship for chrysalis better than this! My only question, is this the end, or are you planning on still making more?
5/6/2013 c6 3Naruhodou Wright MEGA LM
I'ms so happy, you continued the tsory w, y really liked chapter 3, but the next chapters are even better w
4/28/2013 c1 Sapientia Scriptor
More Please,I would Really Like more,I Being Waiting
4/28/2013 c6 1Bloodshot111
You need to continue soon this is a great story.
4/28/2013 c1 Bloodshot111
This story is great please continue.
4/23/2013 c6 18The Unknown Twinkie
Aww I love the ending, Chrysalis is in love with Twilight
4/20/2013 c1 Guest
I don't like a lot of mlp stories but you have made a few that I do like
4/20/2013 c6 2wg12290
some minor spelling problems, but i shouldn't say anything... i suck at writing (especially grammar)
i liked how all reacted and how it came out and i loved the thing with pinkie and the "weird music"
keep up your good work when you can and when you feel for it, and i will review next update you post

until then, have a great time, and a great life.

with kind regards/ wg12290 (a big fan of your awesome work)
4/20/2013 c6 Guest
Oh god, pinkie's trying to use big words...
4/7/2013 c5 14Toni America
OMG- I've recently randomly started watching MLP and its kinda deep to be a pg cartoon. I'm really feeling this story! As a girl trying to work her own redemption fics, I really enjoyed this. Your characterizations were so well done and it really did feel like a more mature version of MLP. Also, this might seem trivial, but writing in first-person pov makes this so much more interesting to me. Chryssie's commentary on everything is just so insightful- like I really believe she's been around for a while.

I also like the way you've handled Twilight and Chryssie's relationship as far as pacing is concerned. Very nice! And I honestly can't wait for the next chapter. The scene with Chyrssie about to change in the street and Twi going 'what're you doing!' I just knew it was all over! And Spike- GAH! It was shocking and good plot spice!

ANYWAY- Awesome job so far! Can't wait for more! Kudos!
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