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for Twins: A Different Life

9/20 c10 1SeraphimBlue
Would have been cute if as he was leaving Voldemort, Harry smiled and said, "Love you... have a great night." Would have really ticked him off
9/15 c34 5Mando-Vet
Love this story! I hope you return to finish it one day.
9/11 c34 Prezespit
When is 35 chapter?
9/8 c34 nh2912999
pleeeeeease update dying to see what happens next
9/6 c34 Guest
Please update i love the book
9/3 c34 Oricke
Great story, hope there will be a update
8/31 c34 puruchaudhary001
Do come back
8/26 c1 Guest
8/20 c26 Guest
Please come back and finish this story, it's so amazing!
8/19 c34 Guest999
First off awesome story, but there are a few issues.
1. Lily KNOWINGLY AND WILLINGLY ABANDONED her child, I’m sorry but there is absolutely NO excuse for that! Nor is there any kind of redemption available for such an act, magical child or non magical child.
2. Paining the Lion Den in the colors of the Snake Pit and having it last 2 days is not really all that great
3. Why didn’t every single Slytherin send pensive memories of the attack to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement at the Ministry of Magic? Hell why didn’t Susan Bones do that? Her aunt is the head of the DMLE and a very fair person! Anyone who didn’t agree that the attack on Harry was an “accident” could have gone straight to the DMLE or even sent letters or Howlers to Amelia Bones or even Cornelius Fudge about the incident… probably not Fudge since he relies too much on Dumbledore’s influence…
8/14 c34 Kaia
I beg of you please update this story! It’s awesome!
8/12 c34 HadesJadeVonPevens
more please!
8/9 c34 Harry Clarke
Any more updates to this book?
8/9 c2 Kaia
I absolutely love that Harry was raised by Merlin and the Founders! I love his relationship with Salazar too!
8/3 c15 Sound
She abandonned her child, there should be no redemption for her.
And frankly the whole "Lily is nice and James is evil" is the most overdone cliche of all the WBWL fanfic.
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