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for Twins: A Different Life

19m c34 Leah
Really fun story, enjoyed it a lot so far. My only comment is that it feels very fast. So much has happened in such a small time window, I mean philosophers stone to break out in canon is 5 years vs roughly 5 months in this. But I suppose compared to the world right now, anything happening feels rushed after so much stillness. Stay safe, and keep writing.
1/18 c34 PotatoGremlin
I love the story.
1/18 c34 annedromeda
I'm so glad that you're back! Please please don't drop this story, I love it! Truly amazingI'd love to have this as an actual physical book!
1/17 c34 Guest
Are you going to continue this story because it was one of my favourite.
1/16 c34 evil-reincarnated
Update soon :) im glad you came back to writing your fic. Can't wait to see where this goes
1/16 c1 Ravendeer
update update update
1/16 c34 Slytherin heir
Reading it again and again...please update
1/15 c8 LampLighter
Haha, this is hilarious! Whitewashing Death Eater crimes like Lucius and Narcissa are some kind of great role models. According to Narcissa it's a heinous crime to harm a "tresured" magical child but it's okay if they do need to be killed because it's a rare occurence and the death is instant. How comforting! Oh my god, are you for real? Justification for killing kids? I only wish Draco had been on the hit list. I'm sure Narcissa would have taken comfort that it was instant, yeah it's all well and good when it's someone else's children that need killing. Voldemort tried to murder an innocent baby, there is NO getting around that evil fact. I stop reading here.
1/14 c34 Everleigh
"everyone loves chocolate cake" unless you're like me and don't like chocolate
1/12 c34 omh666
Well, here's hoping it isn't another 4 years before a new chapter. Only just came across this story, but it's been an awesome read thus far.
1/12 c31 omh666
Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that dumbledore is going to attempt to block Lilly from being able to return to Hogwarts as a prof? I mean, you did heavily indicate that she was only able to work there because he granted/wanted her to do so, given her current lack of mastery.
1/11 c1 2Nialler'sCrazyMofo
I love this story so much
1/9 c34 3KGinNorthman
Lovely story, I hope to read more soon
1/7 c34 Madhu ranjani
Is it going to be Tom x bella? The story is really good
1/5 c14 Osiris Sundavr
I love this series. The prank on Dumbledore just cinched this as one of my favorites XD!
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