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7/31 c24 Sporkmetender
Okay, this is the enemies to friends to lovers masterpiece that I've been craving. I love a well-executed slow burn. This is so well done. And so funny that I almost woke up my wife in the middle of the night with my muffled snorts and giggles. Really excellent work all around, with great dialogue, amazing sex, and masterful pacing.
4/12 c6 Guest
Does anyone else think the idea of Sychowitz and Trina, of all people, could "Talk" to the higher-ups and get Tori out of prison is a good idea? Maybe Cat could go along to help. (And don't forget Robbie is a wise and influential person, too.
1/20 c24 KallmeCrazedJORILover
This book still makes me cry and Locked up has never looked so different than it does now T~T
1/19 c20 KallmeCrazedJORILover
Here's your review. I like how you made Jade's mom a lil' less cliche ;] ohh and am givin' you a squeeze now
*insert squeeze*
1/9 c24 98SKRowling
Thank you so much for this story it was beautiful!
9/15/2022 c12 Dude-wtf147
Oh my freaking god, maybe I've been reading too many angsty stuff but during the entire kissing scene i was nervous as hell, waiting for the other shoe to drop. And I'm still nervous! What happens with Beck? I'm scared...

Anyways, thanks for this absolute gem
5/14/2022 c24 Waitingontomorrow119
absolutely amazing, so glad I found this story, especially since I came into the jori fandom really late lol hope you see this and know your works are still reaching people.
1/29/2022 c9 Empreintes Fauves
I don't understand the whole secret here. Why the need to hide their friendship ? That made no sense and complicated things for no reason. Other than that, the story is very entertaining !
1/28/2022 c12 Guest
Yes, you wanna go swimming now... but only near a rocky shoreline where you know fish will be swimming VERY close to you.
1/19/2022 c6 chaekuramiyawaki143
The name though HAHAHAHA
7/27/2021 c24 barnabus67
I don't think I've ever reviewed this before but I've recently read this twice in the past month. And I've been binge watching victorious for the past month. Love some Jori. I like your particular story I think it's one of the best ones definitely in my top three if not my number one because you manage to make Jade vulnerable yet you didn't change who she was essentially. A lot of these stories somehow change Jade into a sap and that was not the case here. If you're still out there writing go ahead and stick another Jori storyline out there. Thanks
6/25/2021 c24 shamelessmari
What a journey this was. Truly one of the best Jori stories here. Honestly I think its my favorite story Jori so far. Great work!
3/28/2021 c4 2Randomshiz109
No stop it. Half way through this chapter I had a flashback and I swear I flicked through this fic years ago, like what the hell. I just suddenly remembered it really clearly wtf.
3/17/2021 c1 WhyDoYouCareFFS
Second time reading this. I just remembered how I loved the story's ending, so I'm re-reading a stroy I've read 2 months ago LOL

I really need more Jori fanfictions that are multi chaptered or else I'll keep reresding the same stuff over and over again.
3/16/2021 c3 solisticio
jade's such a good actor on this one, is it winnie the pooh?
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