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for Until the Flames Go Out

8/29/2018 c2 34spnfandom8
this was fucking amazing! I loved this, a lot.
1/31/2016 c2 97ImpalaLove
This was amazing and creative and kept me intrigued the entire time. I love that you took a concept that is central to the Winchesters' lives (fire) and added such an awesome twist. So well done and flawlessly executed as you took us through a span of several decades. So freakin' cool.
1/9/2016 c2 7NoilyPrat
Oh wow... interesting! Dean can't be burned now, because of the blood of the salamander - that would certainly explain why he wasn't burned at the Benders. Cool! (great imagination!)
also, I like how you slowly built Dean's fear with fire from Dad's perspective. And how Dean panicked, knowing that Dad would know he was still afraid. All of Dad's lessons with fire, being patient, trying to teach Dean...
and then Sam running in to save his brother, and getting mad at Dad to not kill it. *sigh* great story!
12/6/2015 c2 2LunaBianca
I heart this, the concept and characterizations of all three Winchesters; I can believe in this. Thanks for writing. :)
3/26/2013 c2 Seawell
1/10/2013 c2 jeanne
Enjoyable read. Thanks!
1/8/2013 c2 58Bundibird
Oooh, great fic! I very much enjoyed it! Love the concept of Dean being made untouchable by fire by killing a salamander. And the following line: "I was never afraid the fire would burn ME..." Percet.

Thanks for this! It was a really great read. :)

1/7/2013 c2 18threedays
OH! Oh holy crap, I'm a sucker for a perfect ending and there it is. OH! I love this! Well done!
1/7/2013 c2 53LucidKren
This was absolutely fabulous. I truly enjoyed the story, and especially the last scene. The last line of the story also made my heart flutter.

Two little blurbs I noticed: somewhere near the beginning is "should could" and towards the end "distance memory" instead of "distant memory."

Great work!
1/5/2013 c1 LucidKren
This is a very well thought out, interesting, and intriguing story. I look forward to reading the second part. :)
1/4/2013 c1 18threedays
DANG! This is amazing! Love the slightly-scattered timeline of it, and the way everything lines up. Love being inside John's head this way, too. Hearing his intentions that don't always - that rarely - shine through in his actions. Excellent!

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