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for Yami no Ai

4/8 c35 21Spidey2
Keep going! Love it!
4/7 c35 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter.
4/6 c35 UnsanMusho
Good for Hinata and I hope this is the pot where things get somewhat better for Naruto
4/6 c35 5Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter
4/6 c35 101VFSNAKE
Nice! Naruto and Hinata are together. Now let hope the plan the negligence brigade came up with works.
4/6 c35 Alexander4443
Good chapter
4/6 c35 codywhite162
I love reading this story and am invested in the plot. Definitely looking forward to next chapter and what Kakashi's idea is. Also the lemon scene between Naruto and Hinata was sweet.
4/6 c35 9Nathair1
REALLY nice chapter

REALLY eager for more
3/6 c34 HurZysn
I have had the story on my list for quite a while and I'm glad I started reading it. looking forward to reading!.
3/2 c34 Guest
Hopefully sooner than later things start getting better for Naruto and his girlfriend's rather than keep getting bad and worse like it has been lately and have things between tsunade jiraiha kakashi and Naruto get resolved and fixed so they can all make up for the mistakes they did to Naruto I know it be a Long Time before they can earn narutos trust after everything they did to him but at least they be able to talk to each other again like they used to and be on better terms then they were before Naruto and his girlfriend's deserve to all be happy also let ayames wish about having a child with Naruto become a reality so she can finally experience what it's like to be a mother like she wanted back as a kid
3/3 c34 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter.
3/3 c34 Uchicha ASHU
Finally, someone put the three idiots (Kakashi, Tsunade and Jiriaya) in their place. Way to go Shizune. All three of them have just been throwing blame at each other since the start of the story and not doing much to actually do something to help Naruto. Hopefully, now they will start doing that.
Ayame seems to be seriously considering her future with Naruto. This is something that is unique to this story as all the girls in the harem are actually getting time to reflect on their choices and have their doubts instead of just jumping up on Naruto.
Hinata being the one to help Naruto get out of his funk was also a nice touch as she is the only one who understands Naruto and his insecurities having the same herself her entire life.
Looking forward to the next chapter.
Thanks for the chapter!
3/2 c34 HyperA2019
Will any of the girls end up pregnant?
3/2 c34 5freedomringer
Hinata heals the broken heart!
3/2 c34 deniswanheda
Rayos se├▒orita, me encant├│
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