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9/24/2018 c14 Guest
Please do a sequel I would love if you did one
1/3/2018 c12 Guest
Atlanta Delilah Prescott
1/3/2018 c6 Guest
Jessie's mom is dead
11/27/2017 c14 SaraDanielle18
This is the worst story ever
6/21/2016 c4 Megan
I love it
4/11/2016 c10 val
should be quadruplets
1/10/2016 c14 Guest
Great story! You are an awesome writer
1/10/2016 c13 Guest
You have a really nice name
4/20/2015 c14 Guest
Make another already!
4/13/2015 c14 angel perez
You should make another sequal and they should make this a episode
1/22/2015 c14 Ellie
sequel please
7/28/2014 c2 Guest
In that chapter I would have probably MURDERED Morgan thAt was so STUPID she is practically an adult
7/12/2014 c14 Erocker
5/16/2014 c14 Guest
sequel please
3/7/2014 c13 meggie
My name was almost Olivia Faith Hobbs but my gradma didn't like it so its Megan Faith Hobbs
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