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for Demon?

6/9/2015 c1 Guest
Oh my god a liberty's kids fanfic I didn't know I needed it until now!
4/5/2015 c11 Auzzkhw
Definitely one of my favorite stories! I really love the idea of Danny being a King.
12/7/2013 c1 Winter's Folly
7/18/2013 c11 Aardappelsjus
Omg that is an awesome story _. I wish there where more fics when they go back in time, I was so glad when I found this :3
2/19/2013 c11 lmaooooooooo
This was a great story! I liked the way you changed povs, it really added a little extra insight and made the story more interesting. There were a few spelling errors, but other than that it was a pleasure to read! Great job on this! :)
1/28/2013 c1 19Resident Evil Lionhart
There are time travel fics for Dragon Ball Z, Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII. I haven't gotten back around to any other types yet, those three are huge! I just started the Danny Phantom fandom now that I've read those others. Hope that helps, and if you don't like those fandoms, I am sorry for wasting your time, just thought I'd try to help. I love time travel fics too!
1/27/2013 c11 4NahlaN
That reminds me of me I almost never follow a conversation.
1/26/2013 c11 14DB-KT

Great way to end the story Danny! Great way! XXXDDDDDDDDDD
1/26/2013 c11 78princessbinas
Really? He had to ask THAT question?That's like asking someone to streak at a football game that doesn't streak at all.
1/26/2013 c11 26jeanette9a
HAHA he had to ask XD
1/25/2013 c10 4NahlaN
Love your story it was amazing, dude!
1/25/2013 c10 78princessbinas
I think it's rude to ask a Halfa where their Human Form's clothes go...
1/25/2013 c10 26jeanette9a
so he is coming back?
1/23/2013 c9 Guest
Omg so good!
1/23/2013 c9 Tortisewarrior
The new chapter was cool keep up the great work
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