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9/26/2020 c4 Naiden
I really hope you continue this. It caught my interest very quickly!
6/11/2020 c4 Heron-Of-Sparta
A magnificent work, it is great shame to be left so small
5/28/2020 c4 Shetan20
Thank you for a very enjoyable chapter.
5/18/2020 c4 2sanders1800
Love this story and hope you can one day continue it.
3/9/2020 c4 HadEv
And this story rest in the hall of mandos..
2/4/2020 c4 ShadowMarauder
Awesome story. Hoping for more.
12/1/2019 c4 didyousaytim
Ironically, i imagined Keana Reeves talking as the stranger of the ship. It has great impact as the last dialogue was spoken.

Nice little ditty.
8/10/2019 c1 1kelwin
Good fic. any plans to finish it?
4/13/2019 c4 kayamira
Wow. what a grand introduction. I really enjoy the writing style you have used, it does the original masterpiece of Tolkien justice. Thank you very much for putting this much work into it. I also really enjoyed the premiseit is an amazing beginning to what could be an epos, should you decide to write it.

I appreciated the new way of crossing those two, it was a nice fresh breeze with all the fellowship stories (though there are quite a few very good ones out there). i just love the way you planned out Harry's part in this one. Even if you decide to never finish this, I really appreciate you sharing this beginning. Thank you!
4/13/2019 c4 ivy.may.willow
Would love to read more of this! Seems intriguing...
3/23/2019 c4 Senseo
So cool. ); why is it abandoned!?
11/19/2018 c4 6TakemyKryptonite
Aaand there it is. The abrupt end of yet another beautiful story. But to be fair, I'd rather a small part of a great story than never read it at all.
11/19/2018 c2 TakemyKryptonite
What a beautiful story! I'm already dreading that there's only 2 chapters left.
10/26/2018 c4 A fan
Really amazing story, please keep writing! I love the style, and all of the little details.
10/8/2018 c4 Anon
Extremely well done. Interesting concept and I like how you ended it.

I thought you might have Harry become Gandalf, but it appears that was not your intent. I wonder how Harry could have changed the Second Age and, in turn, the Third?
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