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10/12/2013 c29 stapet
it was a very interesting fanfiction especially the beginning
also it was something unique i doubt there is anything similar in the
good job my friend and i hope the rest of your fanfictions are as interesting as this one
10/11/2013 c29 Firestar3271
10/10/2013 c29 12SioraiDragon
So sad it's over:,(
But congrats! Write on my friend!
Dragon Out!
10/10/2013 c28 3Tamerlorde85
10/10/2013 c28 1Elemental Dragon Slayer
WOOOO, congrats. Good ending there. :D And cheers for the shoutout, it was my pleasure mate. Keep going with the other fic you have out currently, that's looking like top stuff as well.
10/10/2013 c28 12SioraiDragon
ERAGON! Oh yeah! I so called that!
((Not really, but you get the point:) ))
Can't wait to see how the Varden reacts!
Dragon Out!
10/8/2013 c27 Guest
Not too shabby. But killling Saphira...?A trifle unexpected. But getting overly unconventional in plot helps very little if you dont do it properly.

Still a good story.
10/6/2013 c27 SioraiDragon
I've missed this story so much:)
Of course I loved the chapter! Otherwise the gigantic YAY wouldn't exist. Update soon!
Dragon Out!
10/6/2013 c27 3middleearthmidget
Love it! Brilliant work, great to have ya back!
10/6/2013 c27 stapet
well this was a small chapter considering the length of the others
if you can after the end of galbatorix write an epilogue informing us of what happened to Arya and Eragon after the war was over
10/5/2013 c27 Ky111
It was short but a great chapter and fight, I especially liked how Eragon cut off his head while he was to busy bragging, I always hate it in shows or what ever when the bad guy starts to brag and your left thinking that was a great opportunity to take them down/out but no the good guys just stand there and don't seize the advantage.

Until the next one.
10/5/2013 c27 snv3
I was so happy to see you had updated again. I can't wait for the nxt chapter!
10/4/2013 c7 Anson845
This is most probably the most interestingly twisted and fascinating story that differs the most from the original IC plot.
9/30/2013 c26 snv3
Found this story recently and have just caught up. I'm looking forward to the next update!
5/27/2013 c26 Ky111
Awesome story poor Eragon having fought and lived through so much and has lost nearly everything as well. Not to mention being hated for just existing despite everything he's done and it seems no one has done more to hurt Galbatorix than he has (perhaps except for Murtagh and he's also a half breed). I look forward to why the King is coming to Teirm is it because he knows Eragon is there (I'd imagine that Eragon and his family are high on the Kings hit list with Eragon probably holding the number one spot).

I also wonder if Eragon will get another dragon (it be nice for him) as it seems to be rare but possible to get another obviously if a dragon decides to choose them as a rider.

Until the next one, I have voted on your poll but I'd like to see this perhaps go into a sequel as there will still be a lot to do and a lot of unrest even after the defeat of the King.
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