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for Wanted to and never did

4/8/2015 c2 witchnerd1864
Of course I believe in Sherlock Holmes
12/29/2014 c3 3Littlemiss writer 2001
So I agree that in the first two chapters you were wonderfully in character, and where you weren't it was only marginally. I think that if you were to write an in character, in relationship Johnlock there would have to be a bit about façades at the beginning, and then Sherlock would have to be his usual self but also I think he would be constantly kissing John. Just a suggestion. Also, I thought that it went at a perfect pace for me. Just saying. So as a whole I loved this fanfic.
8/15/2013 c3 jbug
I really enjoyed your story. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing.
7/11/2013 c1 Mely
¡Muy bueno! Me encantó eso de que no es natural sentirse tan vacío sin una persona a menos que la ames. Muy buen fic. No hay duda de que lo seguiré leyendo, como todo lo que escribes :)
2/5/2013 c3 SoulMore
1/20/2013 c3 Sparkie98
This just made my day! This is so sweet! I truly love this story!
1/20/2013 c3 78tigra.grece
Who this chapter is fantastic and so cute
1/20/2013 c2 tigra.grece
This chapter is great
1/20/2013 c1 tigra.grece
Woah it's so beautiful.
It's so touching
1/20/2013 c3 Serenityofthematrix
Very good chapter.
1/19/2013 c3 1PlumpPushu
As you kindly asked here's my review: FANTASTIC! Don't worry, I didn't drown in too much sweetness, it was perfect!

And yes, I would participate in the kidnapping to force them with John marrying Sherlock... :D
1/19/2013 c3 11BernardTheWolf
YAY! Happiness on the inside! I loved this fic and I loved the wonderfully fluffy ending (that was the best part!)

I wish I could favorite this a hundred times!

*the only thing I don't agree with is the er, placement, per se, of the two. But this is entirely inconsequential and doesn't matter in the slightest. Opinions vary from person to person and with these two, you can't tell anyway :P Cheers!

You get a llama badge and cupcakes for this story!
1/19/2013 c3 E gaz
i really like this fic. its cool. actually, i read it while listening to SHERlocked on repeat and it sounds great. although, my thoughts when listening to "prepared to do anything" went like this: im not so sure i recognize th- and then it hits forty seconds and i start crying. why? D;
1/19/2013 c2 E galz
1/19/2013 c3 3Mademoiselle Else
Hi :) I'm french and i don't write english very well but yeah i can write a review, you deserve it. Your fic is great and cute. Maybe a little cheesy but it's what i want to read. They are such a cute couple ! I hope the BBC listen to you... Thanks for this text.
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