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7/25 c16 ShadowPhoenix121
Can you please do more? This is really good. But I thought Jedi couldn't have attachments in that way? Is this going to be a thing with those two?
6/21 c3 General Kenobi
4/14 c16 Mogor
Update Update update update update this story please. Its been very LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time you write this great story. More chapters please.
3/28 c16 Evenstar
Love the story! Update soon! Can't wait to see what happens next! :) :) :)
3/28 c16 4Revliledpembroke
Obi-Wan was only a Knight for, like, one day before he took Anakin as his Padawan. In fact, he only became a Master once Anakin had become a Knight in his own right. Because that is what grants someone the rank of Master, training a Padawan to Knighthood.

So you're waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off course there.
3/28 c14 Revliledpembroke
I don't think I have ever heard anyone use the word pervert so much in my entire life. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she used pervert more in the last two chapters than I've used it over the last several years of my life.

Also, you said the With have caused thousands, if not millions of deaths in their galaxy wide wars. I wouldn't honestly be surprised if the Sith have caused quadrillions of deaths. That's 1015 power. There are, after all, thousands of planets, and each one could have billions of people, let alone a place like Coruscant, which could have a population in the trillions by itself.
3/27 c5 Revliledpembroke
Long brown hair fell from behind the mans ears, which were adorned with excessively large golden hoop earrings. The mans...

Apostrophes are very important. "The man's ears" and "the man's," not what you had.

Oh, and a likely hardened innkeeper in a town regularly visited by pirates is so touched by our protagonist that he is moved to tears by the sheer politeness the kid showed him. Puhlease.
3/27 c4 Revliledpembroke
"The Force supplies," he said aloud, not that anyone was there to hear him

Good thing, too. That is very easy to misconstrue, especially after you were just talking about how the character wants to get stuff in the town. For example, what are Force supplies? Do they help your mana? Or is the character brain-damaged? Is he thinking about getting supplies in the town, but can only say "The Force! Supplies!"

Or do you mean something like "the Force provides"? If it's this last case, perhaps rewording it a bit to "The Force will provide" will clear up confusion.
3/27 c3 Revliledpembroke
Oh, joy. A Jedi OC who has mastered all 7 lightsaber forms, with at least 6 of them coming before 15 and a form that is considered a forbidden technique because it turns most of the users evil. But our OC is too pure, and remains unaffected by the forbidden technique. That in no way shouts "overpowered" or "Marty Stu." Nope. Not at all.

Just a character better than the Chosen One at Anakin's preferred pursuit. NBD.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Katara was ready to cry because the person she knew for a few hours left without saying goodbye.

So, perfect OC Jedi author stand-in (or a character who represents everything the author wants in a boyfriend) who will likely get the girl. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay...
2/28 c16 2DarthCaedusKun7
Where are the next parts of your story
1/2 c16 Rey Skywalker
This story is really cool. It is different and unique from other Avatar the Last Airbender/Star Wars fan fiction stories. I have liked it so far. Keep up the good work!
11/25/2019 c13 2AkaDeca
Is she a Jedi too!
11/25/2019 c12 AkaDeca
Watch how Palpatine comes to Avatar too
11/25/2019 c11 AkaDeca
Excellent work!
11/25/2019 c10 AkaDeca
Jayden is Jahseh Onfroy confirmed
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