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5/27/2017 c16 Animalover48
My favorite Phoey story of all time! Hope you write more stories soon!
10/1/2016 c5 BabyBeluga
Just found this story and I'm really enjoying it! This chapter wasn't quite as good as the previous four (just the breakfast scene seemed a little stilted) but I'm still really interested. You've written the characters really well so that I can actually picture the events playing out on the show just as you've written them - which is especially great considering there aren't that many well-written Phoey stories. Rachel's curiosity and prying is perfect! And I like how you're writing Phoebe's conflicted emotions over what happened and how she's feeling about Mike. I've got other stuff I need to go do now but I'll definitely be back sometime soon to finish reading this story!
7/28/2015 c5 14Clementine Buttersnaps
Joey doesn't share food! Yeah that would look suspicious him sharing food with her. Adultery is wrong, but this was funny. Haha.
3/25/2014 c14 19CutesyBunny
rofl "or people are gonna have to compare you to your uncle Ross!" xD
DEAD from laughing.
aw cute.
feel bad for pheebs tho
3/25/2014 c13 CutesyBunny
aw cute!
and the "plan laugh"... LOL
"Should we do our plan laugh?" "Nah maybe later." haha
3/25/2014 c12 CutesyBunny
i hope they find it!
poor joey...
3/24/2014 c11 CutesyBunny
hahaha XD "He was still angry with God for breaking their deal."
I'll probably be angry too lol
so cute!
i'm excited for the chapter where he proposes!
3/24/2014 c10 CutesyBunny
"Chandler give it a rest. Joey's not our son." "I know that. I was just practicing for when the twins are teenagers." XD
And that breaking the picture thing was cute.
"And I can't believe Phoebe is stealing you from me... Is it because she has pretty blond hair? Because I can have pretty blond hair!" xD sound like something he'd say on the show...
OMG apartment 20! apartment 20!
that would be so awesome if he got it!
3/24/2014 c9 CutesyBunny
aw cute! :)
3/24/2014 c8 CutesyBunny
I've been reading this for awhile, but forgot to review.
I love it!
11/17/2013 c16 23findmyway
Well, what can I say? This chapter was just pure and simply beautiful. A great ending. I'm anxiously awaiting your epilogue, :)
11/2/2013 c15 foreverlovingdaryldixon
This story is so good I'm glad you're continuing to carry it on!:D
11/1/2013 c15 Phoebe M
Oooh! I knew she was pregnant! Please continue, fast:)
11/1/2013 c15 findmyway
Another wonderful chapter! Once again, you caused me to laugh heartily: Joey wanting to pee on the pregnancy test, Frank Jr getting mixed up, about which guy Joey was... Oh... please update this masterpiece soon! :)
10/31/2013 c14 findmyway
Gah, this story just keeps getting better! I loved this chapter and I think I can already guess what's going on with Phoebe. Also your characterization of everyone in overall, is just marvelous. I can totally see some things happening on the show itself! :)
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