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12/10/2019 c13 4Malchus-Fireheart
Good fic. Hope to see more of it.
12/8/2019 c2 Malchus-Fireheart
Good so far and a interesting idea for the story. Keep up the good work.
7/26/2014 c13 Brenne
Poor Jack. He's never been to school before. I wonder how that'll turn out. I can almost imagine him falling asleep in class. What would happen if he unintentionally got on the popular kid's good side and pressured to hang out with them? Just curious. Looking forward to more. XD
7/26/2014 c13 Tigermike83
I'm glad to hear that you aren't giving up on this sorry. I think it is great and look forward to the next chapter after the hiatus.
1/20/2014 c12 Jewel Becky
Ah! This is getting good!
9/18/2013 c12 6The Awesome March Hare
This is so cute. I love it.
9/3/2013 c12 LuvFiction Xxxx
Do I even need to review? YOU KNOW I LOVE IT! ! ! ! ! :D Kidding I'll always review :D :D :D :D :D
UPDATE SOON! ! ! ! !
8/28/2013 c11 4Firestormhunter
This so far really good, please update soon.
8/15/2013 c11 LuvFiction Xxxx
OMG I left the authors note at the top to read after the chapter but once I posted my review, I read it and OMG YOU COMING TO SCOTLAND! ! ! ! That's where I live, what part of Scotland are you going to?
This is LuvFiction Xxxx btw :D
8/15/2013 c11 LuvFiction Xxxx
Aw a lovely sappy chapter before I go to bed, does it get better then that? Well one when I wake up would be nice :D Kidding, but seriously, This was awesome! ! ! ! ! ! !
8/15/2013 c11 Demiwizard 4
Amazing chapter! :D Also have a great time! :D :D
8/3/2013 c10 Demiwizard 4
Great job so far! :)
8/3/2013 c10 LuvFiction Xxxx
ha ha Jack sleeps till 2? so do I :D That's funny because it's true, I can be very lazy sometimes :/
THIS WAS AWESOME and I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter :)
I think it's cute that Jamie is getting stressed because he wants the party to be perfect, speaking of perfect, that's what this chapter was PERFECT! ! ! !
I wonder if the guardians will make a quick birthday appearance :J

8/3/2013 c10 3astroshadow
no need to worry, I,m much worse
7/2/2013 c9 7sarafine-ecleips
... Um, why didn't they contact the Guardians before that? And just how did the Guardians find out what happened?
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