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for The Vow And Its Consequences

9/8 c7 4Leapyearbaby29
That’s her ally how marriages work. You have a crush on someone, ask them out, and see where it goes. Like?
9/8 c6 Leapyearbaby29
Harry better still become friends with Ron and Hermione! :)
8/20 c46 LadyKirsten
Was a very good story. Thank you
8/18 c46 mumphie
Good story. Wish there were more with Harry. You mentioned earlier something about a sequel? I will look.
8/18 c43 mumphie
Huh. I thought Narcissa was going so that Lucius was keeping his whole family safe? In the last chapter she kept saying 'we' when mentioning packing and getting ready.
8/17 c46 Phoenix6975
Just as brilliant as the others. I'm glad your persevered and finished it
7/21 c46 Death's Childe
This is, like, the 3rd time I've read this. I love it so much. It's so sweet. The beginning always makes me sad, but then it gets to the part with Snape and Harry getting healthier. Such amazing writing. You have great skill. I am quite a fan. Keep up the good work. Thanks for all the tears, laughter, and smiles you give us with your writing. CHEERS!
7/19 c46 Guest
Great story, loved the writing. Wish for a sequel no pressure...tho please do write
7/5 c1 TennysonPoet
I read the first chapter and won’t be reading the second. Vampires and mates when one mate is 4yrs old. Sooo wrong and not for me.
6/28 c46 Linda
Love the story but was hoping for Harry reaction to his brother
6/26 c2 maureen97129
6/26 c1 maureen97129
4/28 c46 CassieBlack28
That was one of the best stories I have read on here. I definitely look forward to the sequel whenever it's made. The whole story made me sit on the edge of my seat and nearly cry at the emotional parts. Thank you for such a beautiful story and I look forward to reading more of your stories!
3/3 c46 gregclancy88
I have got to say I absolutely loved this story. Severus was always someone I wished had more. You gave it to him. Also Lucious. I love the actor who played him so seeing him as a goodish character was great.
1/11 c25 AspyOtakuGirl
Some of us are on their IPhone’s, so we CAN’T see Harry’s Grey Kitten form. Also, Dumbledore is a EVIL MANIPULATIVE OLD COOT, as ALWAYS!
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