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for The Vow And Its Consequences

3/12/2020 c46 dilis
Eine wunderbare Geschichte die ich mir jetzt nochmals gönnen möchte.
3/11/2020 c46 atymer
Yippee! Made me wait Deb's, finally!
This was the first Snape adopts Harry I read coming to this site. So happy with the outcome. I really get a kick out of team Snape/Malfoy!
3/11/2020 c7 Guest
I tried reading, but it's getting ridiculous. Harry's somehow superman cursed by Dumbledore and the Dursleys somehow broke every bone in Harry's body and never taken him to hospital, he's never been outside and was amazed by the colors during the drive, but he's been around the neighborhood and to Figgs? Really? Making him more abused than in the books? Fine. This is just overkill. Neighbors might be able to ignore yelling and negligence, but this level of abuse would draw attention the Dursleys would try to avoid.
3/11/2020 c46 1NobodyLikeMe
Love it!
Just a note that Severus’s wife’s name changed between Selena and Serena a few times in the chapter
3/11/2020 c46 10Nanchih
Good job Deb! Great job! Lots of surprises - the sort that make AU fun! Thank you for allowing us to read over your shoulder!
3/11/2020 c46 Guest
Thanks, I enjoyed reading your story!
3/11/2020 c46 Guest
What person who knows history would name their child Caligula? Why not Adolph while you were at it?
3/11/2020 c46 Guest
Thank you, thank you. Thank you! I've read parts of this story ever since it was first published and enjoyed every bit of it. Just finished a marathon start to finish read. You have a gift of great imagination and writing. Going to go find something else of yours to read.
3/10/2020 c46 4LightWhisper89
It was worth the wait. Thank you.
3/10/2020 c46 EndOfYou
I enjoyed being apart of this journey with you. I don't review much but i really enjoyed this. The wait was well worth it. Here's to more great adventures.
3/10/2020 c46 graynavarre
I am glad you finished the story and the most every one had a good ending.

I am curious why you named Severus's son Tiberius Caligula. Tiberius wasn't a really good person but Caligula was a monster. When he was killed, most of Rome rejoiced.
3/10/2020 c46 53BlueRowley
What a lovely story. Thanks for sharing!
3/10/2020 c46 witchsbroom
Yeah everyone had a happy ending can't get any better then that. although I would have like the laws on werewolves put aside for Remus. Looks like they know have an extended family and Harry has a relationship with Sirius and Remus. Sure glad that the changed the laws regarding women being abused by there husbands and god protection. It was a great ending
3/10/2020 c46 Dixie.f.9
Thank you for a happy ending to your story. I have enjoyed reading it.
3/10/2020 c43 Elenna Morwen
Excuse me, the food in France is horrid ?!
Coming from a country where people eat peas with overcooked roastbeef that's rich! :p :p :p

Seriously though, why isn't Narcissa with them? Is it because she is conducting the interviews? With all the threats i find it a bit careless to leave her all alone.
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