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for The Vow And Its Consequences

6/5 c39 Sheelahdog
That was very satisfying. I am glad Dumbles got what he deserved. It will be interesting to see what happens next with Sirius and Remus. I am wondering if Neville or any of the other children will show up soon now that it is a little safer. I would hate for Harry to be so isolated for 6 more years.
6/4 c31 Sheelahdog
I really like your depiction of Lucia's. I feel like he is very in character but with different motivations driving him.
6/4 c31 Sheelahdog
I am enjoying this very much. I am sorry for not reviewing after every chapter. I have been binging it and it is hard to stop and comment. I thought the whole thing with Remus was very well done. I was a little confused with some of the initial Serius scenes. I didn't understand why Harry was scared until you explained it later. Incojldnt understand why Minnie would bring him to Harry like that without giving Sirius the background infonfirst...but I guess we all make mistakes.
5/29 c26 rosemary62442
Um...Walburga is still alive...Actually, she dies 1985-this year...so there's a chance that she is dead. (Dead or Alive...by this poimt she'd probably lost her mind though) However she's not the only one living. In fact, both Orion and Walburga's father is still alive at the moment along with Cygnus and many others.
5/29 c15 rosemary62442
oh...I gussed Vernon was having affairs with her and that's the main reason he didn't come back...
5/29 c10 rosemary62442
what about slughorn? he's extremely talanted too
5/27 c46 Tsubaki-Akai
5/26 c46 Kelkat
great story
5/18 c10 Kristina Johnson
Did the healer do the ritual to figure out what was wrong with Harry’s scar?
5/14 c34 Jaye
Ok now you fucked up...HOW TF YOU GIVE LUCIOUS THE ELDER WAND YOU TWAT in chapter 34. You just ruined this story but tbh it was getting boring anyways smh.
5/13 c12 Jaye
I want Sirius released from jail soon! So he and Snape can raise Harry. But beggars can’t be choosers...so I’ll just have to read the rest of the story to see what will happen...
4/30 c46 Kris
Highly enjoyable!
4/19 c2 Dani
I want Harry to be Severus’s son
4/15 c29 Saffron Gales
learning with Drago sound intersting but also Remus to be envelved in harrys life
4/15 c28 Saffron Gales
Hope he believes them info to keep sicert
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