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for The Vow And Its Consequences

4/15 c27 Saffron Gales
Remus yes as part of the rise and find horx club
4/14 c14 Saffron Gales
dusley bribing
4/14 c11 Saffron Gales
new school sound fun middli one wizereds
4/14 c9 Saffron Gales
plase get him to learn spells if not ever day then one every 2 week or 4 week
4/14 c6 Guest
Both sound good and it would be interting to see Malfoy as his sibling mybe being not the only child would make more better as person (less spoiled)
but also want to see snape Rising him
4/14 c5 Guest
Think an okey Malfoys other then the dad don't know how you can make him good or disent
4/14 c4 Guest
like it
3/13 c33 Bjalf
I'm getting tired of Weak!Abused!Frightened!Harry.
2/23 c31 aamlkb
I really do hope he bites him on the full moon.
2/23 c25 aamlkb
I’m so glad that they are taking care of it all. Poor Harry should not have had to go through all of that.
2/11 c43 serenity129
what about Narcissica?
2/11 c46 2Tarla2020
That was fun, very entertaining. The few errors were understandable with computer issues. I really enjoyed the story. I don't usually comment on every chapter but save it up for the last one. Keep the stories coming Please!
2/2 c1 Jose Santos1
Very start to the story
2/1 c19 IsupportFanfic
Such a unique storyline!
Thanks for your work and the courage to share it with the world.
I do hope you are doing well during these trying times.
1/29 c46 1DJArla
I loved how protective of Harry you made all the adults. I’ve always thought it odd how in the books he’s supposed to be the hero of the world yet no one (except maybe Molly) do much to care for his overall well-being. Very well written and enjoyable! Thanks for writing
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