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10/23 c25 1Magali
Funny how problems are the same, whether on Antar or on Earth. Although antarians aren't the same as humans. Living more than 200 years? Ouch. Well, good for them but it could cause problems if our royal clones live that long and their humans's companions don't.

Hmmm, a flashback? I always wondered about Rath's family. In the original Roswell High novels by Melinda Metz, Michael had a brother back on his home planet, Trevor. So I would love to see a flashback of Rath's family. Parents, siblings?
10/2 c24 jbcna
Just got done reading all 3 stories love it I really hope you update soon!
9/20 c24 1RS975950
Hey! I am loving this story! I read it for the first time yearssss ago when I was way younger and since the pandemic, I decided to reread all of it and I just wanted to say I appreciate your writing so much. It has such good pacing and every character you introduce is so complex and really draws me in. I am always impressed by the amount of detail you put into the storyline and I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me you were a genius as well, along with Jake and Dave. In terms of what I want to see more of is I want to see more of Kyle! He’s one of my favourite characters and I am so thankful that you gave him Sybelle. I would love to see more of Kyle dealing with his powers and more of his relationship with Sybelle. I find it hilarious every time Kyle reads someone’s mind and responds to what they are thinking out loud like when Max and him were buying jewelry. I also am so interested in each member of the invisible guard. Every single one of them are so intriguing in different ways and I can’t wait to learn more about them. I hope Jade finds love being the hopeless romantic he is! Anyways, keep up the great work because this story is amazing
9/9 c24 ljcolic
O my... I'm so happy right now. IT is sooo good to read this story again
9/7 c24 6dootadoot
I'm loving all the relationships and how well developed and mature they all are. My theory is that Max can transfer the seal to Van similar to how he took it back from Michael in the episode after he died. Van is the true King of Antar, his people love and trust him far more than it seems they ever trusted Zan.
9/6 c24 WaterDeep
I love, love, LOVE your work! Thank you so much for working on this story again. You leave me on the edge of my seat wanting more every time. You are amazing! Thank you for giving such reading joy and pleasure. You have an incredible mind for story telling. I lived this series and you do a perfect job with the characters.
8/23 c23 WaterDeep
Great as ALWAYS! This is getting super exciting!
8/2 c22 Shooting star3328
"If we're not fighting for anyone's heart," Jade quietly said, "then why are we fighting at all?"
That's the line that got me, Jade is not just in love with Liz, he's a 'dreamer'. Emotionally invested in happily ever after as an endgame. Aren't we all?
Is Jade the most 'human' of all the guards and if so does that make him just as flawed as other humans?
Loving the back stories.
7/20 c21 ljcolic
Soooo happy to read this again... I started from the top just to get into it loved your writing and that didnt change. So good.
7/20 c21 Shooting star3328
Thanks for the lovely updates. What a nail biter. What will Max do? What will happen in to Isabel?
7/14 c16 berribunnyo
so happy you are writing. again. the instagram cast rewatch has me wanting more fanfiction
7/9 c20 1Magali
“I don’t know what I would do with a general from another planet. God, the whole thing would be so cliché.”

“Saved by the alien king,” Liz said, smiling. “You know, that’s a road not taken I wouldn’t mind revisiting.”

“Well, Queen Elizabeth Parker has a nicer ring to it than Elizabeth Parker, M.S.”



Apart from that, interesting window into Van's mind. He is ruthless, which was obvious from the previous parts. But here, it's more focused on his reactions to Max being Zan or not Zan or half-Zan and it's not really encouraging. I had hoped that after knowing his brother a little, and Earth, too, he would be less... antarian about if, if you get my meaning. But he just seems so dangerous. Of course, he has led a life of battles, wars, tortures, lack of freedom. He fought for his people, his planet and in his brother's name. His loyalty is admirable. I just hope he won't go all crazy and kidnap Max, Michael and Isabel, or find a way to force them to go back.

Van is more equiped to deal with Antar than Max. Although I think he can benefit from the human's part of our trio. Earth is not a paradise, but at least in some of our nations, we have freedom of speech, we have equality, we have freedom to choose what we want to do or be, democracy, those values could be transported into Antarian's society.
7/6 c19 WaterDeep
I am so happy you are back into this story. It is the Best! You are the Best for continuing this story after so long. Your story telling talent is very much appreciated! I love the complexity of your stories. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm on the edge of my seat.
7/5 c19 Magali
Pfff, what a charged chapter! That plan to escape was good, very good and I was tense reading it, hoping that everything would go according to plan. It looks like it did but I'm not singing victory too soon.

So Kal thinks that Zan is dead for good? He's going to be in a rude awakening then, since Max, Michael and Isabel are remembering and feeling like they were those past aliens. Of course, Kal's informations are outdated so I wonder what his take on on the situation will be, once he learns that?

Also, he thinks that Van will be king. I'm leaning more and more towards this ending. Although it's a bit tragic that Max, Michael and Isabel spent almost a decade to be prepared for anything, including going back and be leaders, all for nothing. Well, not nothing since they learned enough as if they were in college so they'll be able to live a normal life on Earth.

Still, I believe that being half-alien, they could give Van advices and also they could be like... diplomats? Represent Earth when there are summits with the other planets? Because I doubt that Antar will remain a secret aftter all that, right?
6/30 c18 Magali
So good to see you back, good thing I registered to follow this story years ago. Although i'll probably go to RF so...

Poor Dave. I mean, I can see where he is coming from. But Daniel isn't like Dave. He is as intelligent as Dave and he wants to help him getting better but emotionally, the guy is completly different and not just because he is younger. He is emotional, volatile, a bomb waiting to go off, better not be around when that happens.

Dave is not MacKay, the ressemblance is superficial. Dave doesn't want to hurt or use people.
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