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for The Brian And Mia Chronicles

7/24/2021 c13 Anika
So... Did Dom and Letty have a kid in this?
3/26/2019 c30 Guest
I really loved your story..it's so sweet! Jack and jess together are amazing! Please continue : )
3/26/2019 c30 Sabrina
Great chapter you have to reveal Dom and Letty's song
3/14/2019 c28 Guest
Aahhh i loved!
9/12/2018 c26 1bshelley
This is such a great story, I love it!
8/11/2018 c25 1mylove24
Awww I love the sibling bonding. Jack is a good brother. Poor Brian for feeling helpless.
8/6/2018 c23 Maiya12
Ahh loved it! Especially those one sentence convos.
8/5/2018 c22 2decadenceofmysoul
Awesome story so far!
8/5/2018 c22 Maiya12
Okay this chapter was beyond cuteeeee! My heart literally melted! It was adorable! I really like these age stories. If it’s not too much trouble, can you do a story about Mia finding it hard to feel sexy at that age and Brian tries to show her that she still is to him?
8/4/2018 c21 1mylove24
She is troubled but glad that she is home safe.
8/4/2018 c20 SilverNightfall
Wow! Great chapter! :)
8/3/2018 c20 mylove24
Awww I just love them. I am glad she and baby are going to be okay
8/1/2018 c19 Maiya12
Omg that was soo beautiful! I love everything u write! Omg did u see the documentary on Paul Walker that will be coming out? I hope Jordana is in it!
2/4/2017 c16 2Illidan Strormrage
This is just... Amazing. How beautiful. You write very well and beautifully. Thank you.
10/25/2015 c8 13godlygirl34
This is such an amazing story. You are incredibly talented and creative. I love how you take song lyrics and scenes from the Fast and Furious movies and create cute Brian/Mia scenes from it. You rock!
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